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More than a bike

More than a bike

What We Do

Your child’s riding success is our #1 objective!

Illustration of the Strider 2-in-1 Rocking Bike

Start Young

Adjustable, lightweight bikes give starting young a whole new meaning.

Illustration of Strider 12 Sport balance bike

Balance First

Without pedals, kids learn balance and essential riding skills on any terrain.

Illustration of Strider 14x balance-to-pedal learn-to-ride bike

Simple Steps

The riding progression is natural and easy, for kids AND parents!

Illustration of trophies

Confident Kids

From babies to big kids, we’ve got just the right bike for instant success. 


2-in-1 Rocking Bike

With the stable Rocking Base attached, Strider 2-in-1 Rocking Bikes helps your child develop balance, dexterity, and confidence as they (literally) rock out. Once the living room gets too small to contain all the fun, the base easily detaches and away rolls a Strider 12″ Balance Bike, ready to conquer the neighborhood.


12″ Balance Bike

Teach balance before pedaling, then stand back and watch your child’s confidence and coordination soar! Our lightweight 12″ Balance Bikes introduce your child to the freedom of riding through a natural progression that leaves those nasty ol’ training wheels to rust.

  • Pedal Mode

  • Balance + Pedal Modes

  • Balance Mode

  • Balance Mode

  • Pedal Mode


14″ Bike + Pedals

The Strider 14x is the perfect tool to help your child transition from a balance bike to a pedaling pro. Once they’ve mastered balancing and handling the larger bike, the optional Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit installs in minutes and transforms your child’s 14x into a pedal bike for instant riding success.

  • Balance + Pedal Modes

  • Balance Mode

  • Pedal Mode

  • Balance + Pedal Modes

  • Pedal Mode


20″ Bike + Pedals

Riding a bike is a life-changing skill that belongs to everyone, however, many people never learn to ride. People with cognitive, development, or physical disabilities are told that they probably can’t, while others simply didn’t learn as a child and the thought of doing so as an adult seems difficult and intimidating. Cue the Strider 20x Sport.

  • Colored Wheels

  • Performance Handlebars

  • Colored Grips

  • Snow Skis


Any bike aficionado knows, tricking out your ride is half the fun! Our full line of exclusive accessories and performance parts will help your child take their bike to the next level. From colored wheels for the road to skis for the winter time, Strider accessories help make your child’s bike as unique as they are.

Customize Your Strider

Strider Rider 1 - Race Edition custom balance bike with carbon fiber wheels

Strider Rider 1 – Race Edition

We’re Bike Month and World Strider Day this may with the Strider Rider 1 – Race Edition, customized by Bode McFarland, the inspiration behind the Strider brand. Bode originally designed this bike with our High-Traction Wheel Set, but when those sold out, he turned the awesome factor up to 11 with our ultra-premium ST-R Carbon Wheel Set. While supplies last, get $200 off this custom 12″ balance bike.

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Not quite what you’re looking for? The Strider Bike Builder lets you customize a bike to make it as unique as your child!

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  • Child in a full-face helmet, Vans shirt and checkered shoes riding a tricked-out Strider balance bike


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  • dog and Strider bike

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  • Child on Strider bike rides through cool trees


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  • Cool baby in sunglasses on a Strider Rocking Bike

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  • Child kissing mom while standing on Strider bike

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  • Riding Strider Bike in a forest in the UK

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  • Adult and child jumping bikes at a BMX park


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  • Three kids ride Strider bikes through tall green hedges in a garden


  • Laughing on a blue Strider 14x balance bike


  • Three witches on Strider bikes

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  • Child rides Strider bike in front of Atenas sign in Costa Rica

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  • Child pets dog while riding bike in snow


  • Children look at plants while out for a ride on Strider bike

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More kids on bikes, thanks to you!

One percent of your purchase gives another kiddo the opportunity to learn to ride a bike through the Strider Rider Fund.

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