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Ryder Morgan smiles as he rides his adaptive Strider 12 Sport

Adaptive Strider Program

Ryder’s Story

“Anything is possible.” That’s the family motto in the Morgan household.

“Anything is possible.”
That’s the family motto in the Morgan Household.

Almost three years ago, Crystal and Ryan Morgan welcomed their son, Ryder, to the world. From day one, he was an expressive little guy who was continually happy. Ryder has always been able to put a smile on anyone’s face with his humor and overwhelming amount of cuteness.

Ryder Morgan stands on his adaptive Strider 12 Sport

Ryder was born with a medical condition called Symbrachydactyly and is missing all his fingers on the left side. This limb difference makes gripping things difficult for him, but the ever-positive Morgan family refers to his little hand as his “Lucky Fin”, a reference from the movie Finding Nemo.

With his determined personality, Ryder has never let his limb difference slow him down. It is his mission to do all the things he sees other kids doing. You should see him swing a bat! However, attempting to learn new activities can be frustrating for Ryder, and one of those things was riding a bike.

“When Ryder started to take interest in his bike, it was very challenging for him to stay balanced and stable because he could only grip one side,” recalled Crystal, Ryder’s mom. “This led to a lot of falls and frustration.” However, when Ryder’s parents saw how committed he was to riding a bike, they knew they needed to come up with a solution to stabilize his left hand. They brainstormed some ideas on what to add to Ryder’s handlebars to help him keep stable, but nothing worked.

“Anything is possible.”

Morgan Household family motto

Several weeks later, Crystal came across a Strider Bikes Instagram post that would change everything. The post featured a kiddo who had a limb difference like Ryder’s and Strider had created a bike to fit that child’s exact needs.

Immediately, the family reached out to Strider about the possibility of creating a bike for their son’s unique condition. After a few measurements and a couple phone calls, an altered Strider Bike arrived on the Morgan’s doorstep. Crystal and Ryan watched as Ryder immediately took to the new bike. “He quickly figured out that the new adaptive piece on his handlebars was for his ‘Lucky Fin’,” Crystal explained. “It was as if the piece had been there all along.”

Today, Ryder and his Strider Bike are inseparable. His confidence has sky-rocketed, and he is a tornado on two wheels. “To see him so happy riding his bike is the best feeling in the world,” Crystal shared.

Ryder Morgan rides his adaptive Strider 12 Sport

Because of Ryder and other children that may need a few adjustments to their bike to get them rolling, Strider has officially launched the inclusive Adaptive Strider Program. The mission of this program is to see EVERY child ride a bike. The adaptive parts and assembly are free with the purchase of a Strider Bike.

The Morgan family is excited to watch the program grow and thrive, as kids like Ryder will be able to experience the joy that comes with riding on two wheels.

Please Contact Us if your child is in need of an Adaptive Strider Bike!