Jamie Robinson Explores the Black Hills
Adventure Striding / September 10, 2019

Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo Rides with Strider


Jamie Robinson Takes a Ride with Ryan McFarland

When Ryan McFarland founded Strider Bikes, the leading children’s balance bike company in the world, he had no idea the impact it would have on other parents and how it would bring people together, not to mention the powerful friendships it would bring into his own life.

Bike Riding Leads to Moto Riding

The love of two wheels starts on a bicycle, and Jamie Robinson is no stranger to that passion. Watch as he explores the Black Hills of South Dakota, gets ready for the Dakota 600, and shares a passion of two-wheeled riding with friends and family.

A Friendship Comes Full Circle

Now it’s 12 years later and he is cherishing those friendships he made back in the starting days. Recently one of those friendships came full circle when Jamie Robinson, a former pro road racer now seeking adventure on two wheels all around the globe headed to South Dakota to ride motorcycles with Ryan. Jamie and Ryan met 4 years ago at moto tradeshow in Milan Italy. Jamie was intrigued by the Strider Balance Bike phenom that was all the buzz and how easy it was to teach young children how to ride. Jamie’s son has autism, and Jamie knew after seeing Ryan’s balance bike that he needed to get a Strider, acknowledging the many benefits and effect it would have with his son.

Bikes Create Bonds with Friends and Family

Take a look at this video documenting Jamie’s visit to the beautiful black hills of South Dakota where he not only got to ride motorcycles with Ryan, but also with Ryan’s son Bode, which is exactly what built this friendship — two dads with a love of two-wheels wanting to share that passion with their sons.

BY Matt Bitz