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60 Day "Love it or return it" Guarantee

From Ryan McFarland, Founder, CEO Strider Sports Int’l, Inc.

I’d like to address the purpose of the “60 Day ‘Love it or Return it’ Guarantee” printed on our STRIDER box.

First, a little reality check: In this age of e-commerce and credit card purchasing, products can be returned whether we like it or not.  A customer can simply send a product back and dispute it with their card company.  Credit card companies are going to reverse charges and side with cardholders in the event of a dispute.  Any effort on our side to ‘counter’ their dispute is not productive, and simply costs us more overhead.  Even if we would ‘win’, we end up losing based on resources spent in the dispute.  So the reality is that we are subject to product returns simply by being in business in this day and age.

So, what can we do?  We can either feel victimized by this fact and resist returns, or we can turn it into a benefit by embracing and promoting a simple underlying fact that many business owners won’t talk about and operate in fear of.

The statement “60 Day ‘Love it or Return it’ Guarantee” is the first step in building customer confidence in you and the product prior to purchase.  Customers buy when they feel comfortable with the dealer and the product.  This simple, bold, upfront statement will increase your overall sales by boosting customer confidence.

When a customer purchases a product, they now have a relationship with you.  Having a relationship with a customer is of utmost value and can ultimately lead to years of repeat business for any number of products you offer.  If a customer becomes unsatisfied with a product, they still have a relationship with you, and they are counting on you to provide a solution either through advice, repair, replacement, or return.  The last thing you want them to do is become unsatisfied with the product AND YOU.  A dissatisfied customer is going to post, share, tweet, spam, flame, rant to everyone they know about their negative experience with YOU… if you don’t honor that relationship.  The amount of bad press far outweighs the cost of a return.  However, if a customer, YOUR customer, comes to you with a complaint about a product, then you will want to resolve the complaint however you can, and solidify the positive relationship with your customer… who may return one product, but buy another from you.  The most important point is maintaining a positive relationship with your customer.

Beyond relationship, let’s just look as some hypothetical numbers.  Let’s say your business is going to sell 40 STRIDER bikes in the calendar year, and you can increase that by 15% by making this bold commitment to the customer and building their confidence… meaning you now sell 46 STRIDER bikes.  With a STRIDER average warranty/repair/return rate running well below 1%, this still doesn’t even equate to a single bike being returned.  Yet, you sold 6 extra bikes and built 6 more customer relationships.  Even if you suffered an astronomical return rate of 10%, that is still only 5 of the extra 6 bikes sold.  You are still one bike ahead and have built 6 extra relationships.  If a bike happens to come back on the return policy, simply work it into your display/demo bike rotation.  We all have customers at some point that would love to have a bike, but can’t afford the full retail price of a brand new unit.  Sell the returned bike as a demo model to that customer at a discounted price, and build yet another relationship with somebody who will be quite grateful for the special deal on the bike. You just made their day!  

Bottom line is that STRIDER bikes, aside from being easy products to sell, with great margins, and high customer satisfaction, are great relationship builders.  So, go out of your way to point out the unique “60 Day ‘Love it or Return it’ Guarantee” on the top of every STRIDER box and watch your business grow!      

What is a DSS (Dealer Support Specialist)?


DSS stands for Dealer Support Specialist.  These are the people who answer incoming calls at Strider.

Strider created these postions with the sole purpose of supporting our dealers.

Rest assured that your Strider sales rep is still involved, but they are busy setting up even more Strider Dealers to take over the tricycle world and get more kids on TWO wheels!

Dealer Support Specialists can provide answers to any Strider questions you have, and are up to date on all the latest and greatest Strider items.

Contact them to order or ask questions via e-mail at DealerSupport@StriderBikes.com or Call (605) 342-0266

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USD Research Study

University Of South Dakota Shows STRIDER Bike Helps Toddlers Improve Balance And Coordination During Four-Week Study

STRIDER Bike Scientifically Proven To Increase Balance Skills in Pre-School Age Children

blog USD Study

Rapid City, SD (November 26, 2012) – Strider Sports International, developer of the patented STRIDER™ No-Pedal Balance Bikes, is pleased to announce the results of a recent study of the STRIDER bike at the University of South Dakota’s Division of Kinesiology and Sport Science. The study was conducted over a four-week period with three to five-year-old children and concluded that participants benefited from using a STRIDER bike by improving their balance and functional fitness, while likely reducing future injuries during their daily routines.

The data analysis showed a “significant improvement” in the Limit of Stability scores (the subject’s ability to lean in different directions without a loss of balance) for the experimental group after four weeks of targeted training with the STRIDER bike. The study concluded that society could benefit from the knowledge that pedal-less bicycles are a tool for improving stability in three to five-year-old children and are possibly a safer alternative to using training wheels for bicycle riding acclimatization.

“This scientific proof is truly groundbreaking for us at Strider Sports,” says Ryan McFarland, Founder and CEO of Strider Sports International, Inc. “We have witnessed thousands of anecdotal instances of children learning balance and coordination after using a STRIDER bike. Now the empirical evidence has been gathered and supports what we have seen for years – the STRIDER bike significantly improves a child’s gross motor skill development as it relates to balance.  This, in turn, lets toddlers and young children enjoy life on two wheels like never before!”

“We think the results of this study are fascinating,” says Dr. Andrew Shim, Department Chair of the University of South Dakota Division of Kinesiology and Sport Science. “According to our data collected from the study, the STRIDER bike product really does increase balance in 3-5 year old riders.  Ultimately, this increase in balance may eliminate the need for training wheels and tricycles.”

Media Contact:
Kyla Wright

About the University of South Dakota

Founded in 1862, the University of South Dakota is designated as the only public liberal arts university in the state and is home to a comprehensive College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, the state’s only School of Law, School of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, the accredited Beacom School of Business and the College of Fine Arts. It has an enrollment of more than 10,200 students taught by more than 400 faculty members. More information is available at www.usd.edu/press/news

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Store Locator Revamped

STRIDER Dealer Locator Revamped! 


You asked, and we’ve responded! Effective immediately, all active STRIDER retail store dealers (those who have made a purchase in the past 12 months) are now listed on our www.StriderBikes.com Dealer Locator. 

Featured dealers (aka Gold Star Dealers) are those who have purchased 12 bikes in 3 months, 24 bikes in 6 months, 36 bikes in 9 months, or a pallet (60 bikes) within the past year.

Please check our locator for your business. Be sure to call your Dealer Support Specialist (605)342-0266 if something is incorrect or missing.