Strider® Championship Series

This ground braking program gives small children a chance to put their skills to the test at several stops across the US and worldwide. The unique Strider Championship Series caters directly to children 18 months to 5 years old who want to experience the thrill of racing. Children of all sizes and skill levels are welcome to participate. STRIDER® No-Pedal Balance Bikes are developed for both learning the ropes of riding and honing advance skills in racing. 

The 2015 Championship Series Races will be held in various locations throughout the United States. To learn more about each race or to register a racer, click on the links below:

2015 Championship Racing Rules
2015 Race Rules

Parent Code of Conduct
Parents code of conduct thumbnail

Racing Terminology Terminology
Racing Glossary

Waiver / Registration Form
Waiver 2015 Cha Series

2015 Strider National Race Sponsor – We are now in a position where event planners are contacting us more and more, asking if we will bring a race or Adventure Zone to their event. And because these events result in FREE media exposure, we are also now in a position to solicit sponsors for our events. Below ia a Sponsorship Flyer we created to seek partners for our upcoming Strider World Championship Race.2015 Natl Race Sponsor 1

Request for Proposal, 2015 Strider Championship Series – Strider seeks proposals to host one of the four regional events as well as the Strider World Championship. 


Meet Monique Russel, our Strider Curacao, Dutch Caribbean Distributor

Please meet Monique Russel, our Curacao Distributor from the Caribbean Islands! Monique has been a part of the Strider family since August 2014.

 1. Why did you become a Strider distributor?
èAt first, Strider came to my attention when I was surfing for small bikes for children on the internet. When I saw the Strider, I fell in love with it in an instant. Here in Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, I have not seen any of those bikes yet. The sport of cycling has increased here on the island and I thought this would be a good start for small kids to learn to bike in a safe way. And not only here in Curacao, but also the surrounding islands in the Caribbean.

 2. Tell us about yourself and your family. Please share as much as you’re comfortable with us sharing on our US website. Feel free to include photos.
èI am a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist. I work in the hospital in Curacao. I became involved with the BMX world because of my husband, who has been in this sport for more than 30 years. Last year, my husband just finished building an international BMX track here on the island, named Global BMX Curacao. He also has his own BMX team which he coaches. We think the kids who start out with the Strider could become very good BMX riders later.

 3. What sets STRIDER apart from other balance bikes?
èThe uniqueness of the Strider bike is its lightweight and that it can be used by very small children that can already walk!

 4. What is your most memorable Strider moment?
èSeeing this exciting big smile on a little kids face when his daddy just bought the Strider Bike for him!

 5. What are you most excited about the future of Strider in your territory?
èTo make people more conscious about the Strider Bike and eliminate the 3 wheeled bikes here on the island!

 6. What are you doing to keep life exciting for STRIDER riders in 2015?
èWhen the time is right, to start to organize Strider competitions for the kids here in Curacao.

 7. Please provide a photo of yourself and/or your Strider team, that we can share as well.
èIf you would like to contact Monique via email: Monique@GoGlobalBMX.com and to follow her on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/GlobalBMXCuracao.






Strider Camp® Kit


What is Strider Camp®?

It’s a super fun, five-session program to teach children, teens, and adults–individuals of all ages and abilities–the balance needed to enjoy a lifetime of riding adventures! Each session is designed to introduce  a new skill:

    1. Handling the Strider® without assistance
    2. Walking with a Strider
    3. Introducing Obstacles
    4. Beginning to balance with feet off the ground
    5. End-of-class party to show off new skills to parents another family members

Who is Strider Camp for?

Strider Camp is for anyone wanting to sell Strider Bikes and teach children, teens, and adults of all abilities to ride on two wheels! In the US, we are currently targeting Independent dealers, Parks and Recreation Programs nationwide, physical therapists, and non-profit organizations that work with children with special needs. 

Dona Ochsner, our education specialist, and Susie Marcks put the Strider Camp Program together with easy, step-by-step instructions, lesson plans, all the handouts needed to implement the program, and a video showing an actual class in session. We have recently enhanced the program with an Instructor’s Manual containing lessons specifically for older children and adults. 

We are in the process of updating the Strider Camp Curriculum and will have the new version available soon.
lease feel free to reference these files, but if you can, wait to print until the new version is available.

To download the complete Strider Camp Curriculum for riders up to 5 years old, please
click here.

To download lessons specific to riders 6 years of age and older, click here

To download a pdf of the Strider Camp Certificate, Click here


In the US, we charge $99 USD for the Strider Camp Program for existing dealers and for people who are members of an educational, special needs non-profit, or health care organization,. This fee includes all the information, handouts, and lesson plans, as well as a duffel bag of supplies needed to run a Strider Camp. The purchases also becomes a Strider dealer and can purchase bikes at dealer cost. New Independent dealers can choose to receive the Strider Camp Program as part of their $299 USD Buy-In fee. If you are ready to promote the Strider Camp program, here are several flyers to get you started:

Flyer for Dealers pdf: Click here
1-Page Inclusive Flyer pdf: Click here
2-Page Inclusive Flyer pdf: Click here
Learn-to-Ride Camp Flyer pdf:
Click here

Crowd-Funding Basics Flyer: pdf, Click here

Crowd Funding Basics Flyer 

Did you know that you can use Camp as a source of revenue or even promote it as a fundraiser? As a dealer, you receive the bikes at a discounted rate, in turn, you may sell the bike and curriculum at an inflated price.
 AblePlaly Icon

Strider Camp, a five session Learn-to-Ride curriculum, has been highly rated by AblePlay as a “Great Find” that help children with disabilities develop balance, coordination, and other valuable developmental skills. Recognized for their innovation, safety, and ease-of-use, Strider Bikes join an elite list of products reviewed and rated by AblePlay. Click on the AblePlay icon to learn more. “We evaluated the program under AblePlay “Great Finds,” as Strider Camp is not a toy, but a teaching tool that helps kids learn to ride a bike inclusively and independently. Kids are having fun while workingon their skillls to ride a bike.” Click here or on the AblePlay icon above to learn more.

 In January of 2015, the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance published an article, Incorporating Pedal-less Bicycles into a Pre-K through Third-grade Curriculum to Improve Stability in Children. We see physical education programs around the world beginning to implement the Strider Camp Curriculum as educators are expected to develop activities that promote psychological and physiological benefits to children.  Using Strider Bikes, schools are teaching young children how to balance, increase stability, and boost their confidence! This article will be helpful as you communicate with your education channel and continue to develop sales.

Another great article can be found in themight.com written by Mona Drolc, tells the story of how her son has overcome many of life’s obstacles. To read how David has flourished, click on “To Parents Who Think That Their KId Will Never Ride a Bike“. 


Still have questions? Click here for an in-depth Strider Camp webinar detailing how to organize and run a Strider Camp.


Meet Shams Rashad, Strider Distributor in Egypt

Meet Shams Rashad, our Strider Distributor in Egypt!

1. Why did you become a Strider distributor?
èMy husband and I are mountain bikers, and we were looking for a good, quality balance bike for our daughter almost 1.5 years ago. She was two at the time. I got one locally that was very big and unattractive. So I decided to search online. I found great reviews on STRIDER Bikes so I decided to contact you guys and asked if you were interested in selling them in Egypt because the concept is really new here and rarely do you find balance bikes in the market let alone the quality! And this is how it started. I got the first shipment last summer.


2. Tell us about yourself and your family.
èMy name is Shams Rashad, 34 years old, mother of Malak who is almost 4. She rides a regular bike now after riding her STRIDER Bike for 6 months. To see Malak’s progress, view this video: From STRIDER Bike to Pedal Bike at 3.5 years

I am an Engineer, but I quit working a few years ago and now I am mainly mountain biking, biking with kids, and selling Strider bikes! I just won two XC MTB races here in Egypt. I also particpated in a local triathlon last December and won 4th place in the Sprint distance. I attached two photos of my husband (Hassan Choucri) and myself mountain biking in Egypt.


We started a bike club for kids a year ago called KOBI (kids on bikes initiative) https://www.facebook.com/groups/657401577632003/. We started this club to promote the sport in Egypt for kids; we try to introduce them to different types of biking: road biking, mountain biking, and BMXing. We are also working on building a small outdoor bike park to have a permanent location for our club. We have junior KOBI classes for kid’s on STRIDER Bikes as well. Attached are photos from both groups and you can find loads of pictures on the Facebook group linked above. 


 3. What sets STRIDER apart from other balance bikes?
èSTRIDER Bikes are very attractive for kids because of the colors, the adjustability, and light weight.

 4. What is your most memorable Strider moment?
èWhen my daughter first got her pink STRIDER and she finally got used to riding it fast. She was over the moon.

 5. What are you most excited about the future of Strider in your territory?|
èThe concept of balance bikes is pretty new in my country. So it makes me so happy when people come and tell me that their kids are able to ride pedal bikes because of their STRIDER bikes. I have seen it first hand with my daughter and others have too! It’s amazing how kids skip the training wheels phase. International schools and nurseries started buying from me so I am excited for the day when there are enough schools and nurseries that have the bikes so we can have our first national Strider race!

 6. What are you doing to keep life exciting for STRIDER riders in 2015?
èAs I mentioned, I am building a bike park and it should be ready to operate this year and there will be a dedicated place for our KOBI juniors and STRIDER Bikes. I believe this will be a great place for kids to try out the bikes, rent, or buy them.

 7. Please provide a photo of yourself and/or your Strider team.
èYou can find many more photos on instagram and also on Facebook: https://instagram.com/kobiegypt/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/657401577632003/. If you would like to contact Shams by email, shamsrashad@gmail.com.

Hus and wife racingFamily Bike  Black  White

Meet Anna Kim, Strider Distributor in Russia

 Meet Anna Kim, Strider’s Russian Distributor! Anna has been a member of the Strider family since March 7, 2013. 

 1. Why did you become a Strider distributor?

èSince I became a mother, I would choose only the best products for my kids. I tried to buy toys which are educational and useful. While searching for the best bike for my younger son, I found information about the Strider balance bike and decided to buy it. Unfortunately, it was impossible to purchase in Russia, so I decided to order it abroad. At the same time, I noticed that a number of people were also looking for the possibility to buy a Strider bike. That was the moment we decided to become a Strider distributor.

2. Tell us about yourself and your family.

èWe, my husband and I, have two kids. Our elder son, Oleg, is 4.8 years old, and our junior son, Pavel, is 2.2 years old. They both are very active, like jumping and of course are in love with their Striders. We live in Moscow, like sports, traveling, and try everything new. My husband is a snowboard fan and our elder son already can ride a real bicycle, likes skating and skiing. I am sure that riding a balance bike helped him very much in obtaining his balancing skills. As a result, he can learn any kind of sports very quickly and easily.

 3. What sets STRIDER apart from other balance bikes?

èI think the most important is the spirit of a team, it is a life style. Everybody in the world can feel a part of the Strider team. It is very important from a very early age that toddlers can take part in the life of adults. I tried to use my stroller as less as possible because I preferred it when my kid was riding by himself and learning responsibility at the same time. While riding, he knew when he should stop, what to do to prevent himself from falling down, to stop in front of the cars, so he becomes self-sufficient. Ligtweight is very important for small kids, it is a advantage of Strider among other balance bikes. Another important comment is – design of Strider bike which is similar to adult bike, it is not a toy, it is a real bike!

 4. What is your most memorable Strider moment?

èWe were on holidays in Spain last summer and became superstars in the city where we stayed. We often walked on the seaside with our Striders and people were taking photos of our kids and asking how such a small kid has learned to balance.

 5. What are you most excited about the future of Strider in your territory?

èWe try to do our best to make the word “STRIDER” the only synonym of “balance bike” in Russia. I am happy when I see kids on Striders walking in the street or in the park and I am so proud that I am helping create smiles on kids’ faces.

 6. What are you doing to keep life exciting for STRIDER riders in 2014? 

èWe are opening the new sport section for new riders and experienced riders with professional trainer and hope that some of our young sportsmen will take part in the World Championship. We also represent Strider races in Moscow and participate in several big sport events with Adventure Zones.

 7. Please provide a photo of yourself and/or your Strider team, that we can share as well. 
èIf you would like to contact Anna, CrystalBerry.russia@gmail.com. To view Anna’s Strider Website, www.vk.com/Strider_Begovel, and for facebook, www.facebook.com/StriderBikeUK.
New Anna and husband

Meet Jason Lee our Strider South Korea Distributor

 Meet Jason Lee, our South Korea Distributor, and his family. Jason has been a member of the Strider Family since Dec. 16, 2011!

1. Why did you become a Strider distributor?

è I worked as the engineer at an IT company before becoming a Strider distributor and I liked to do internet research. After my first son was born, I was looking for some items that I could play with him and discovered the balance bike.The first bike for my son was ‘Skoot,’ made of wood. My son enjoyed riding the balance bike very much, however the durability was weak because it was a wood product. I came to know the “Strider” balance bike while looking for another balance bike for my son. My son was very excited about the Strider when it was delivered to my home. My son and I often took a ride at the park where many people looked at my son riding curiously. At that time, I was convinced that Strider balance bike could be a good business model in Korea. Besides, I was interested in doing my own business which could let me spend more time with my son. So, now I am here as a Strider distributor. 

 2. Tell us about yourself and your family. Please share as much as you’re comfortable with us sharing on our US website. Feel free to include photos

èHere is my family: Debbie (my wife), Seungbi (first son) and Chanbi (second son)
SK family photo

3. What sets STRIDER apart from other balance bikes?

èI think that the strength point of Strider is its light weight and 6 kinds of color choice. 

4. What is your most memorable Strider moment?

èWe held the “Strider Picnic” in the beginning.That was the event as the picnic concept, just inviting some families who have a Strider and enjoying time together. After rolling out the Strider Picnic for a couple of years, we began the “Korea Strider Race” based on success of the “Strider Picnic”. I remembered that it was most memorable moment as I finished the first “Korea Strider Race” successfully. 

 5. What are you most excited about the future of Strider in your territory?

èI think that the balance bike itself is quite new to Korea customers yet. That would be a weak point, however I see that it has much potential to grow. My sale record has been increased every year since I started the business. My customers are single individual customers mostly, meanwhile some school or kindergartens also gave interest in the balance bike for their curriculum. When I see such the change and trend, I have confidence in growing the business and I am also happy with imaging my new market plan and new future with the Strider balance bike.   

 6. What are you doing to keep life exciting for STRIDER riders in 2015?

èI plan to sell the brand new “black color” and 20” strider. I am curious and get excited to see how the market will react to these products. Besides, I am also considering a Strider Korea Invitation. I am happy when I imagine that I and my strider families could meet other Asia’s strider families. 

 7. Please provide a photo of yourself and/or your Strider team, that we can share as well. 

End photo 2

End Photo 4

 end photo 5

If you would like to contact Jason, jason@kidscomus.com, to view his Strider website, www.Strider.co.kr, and for Facebook, www.facebook.com/striderkorea.

Meet Juan Diego Fernandez – Colombia Strider Distributor and Adventure Zone Expert

We would like to introduce Juan Diego Fernandez, our Colombian Strider Distributor. Juan has been a member of the Strider family since June 6, 2013, and has made some great “strides” in just a few short years! Due to his success, we wanted to share with you some of his accomplishments in addition to the questionnaire. 

Juan is fully utilizing the Strider® Adventure Zone to spread the word about the best way to teach kids to ride on two wheels! Want to know how the Pro does this, view the different themed zones below. In addition to the common dirt track, Juan hosts many of his Adventure Zones in heavily trafficked shopping malls, riddled with mothers and strollers! What a perfect playground as these malls are packed full of energized children and mothers looking for a way to burn off some of their energy! Solution, an Adventure Zone full of bikes for small children to ride and explore. Offering free test rides provides a fun break for kids shopping with ther families. And with bikes and accessories for sale at both the entrance and exit of the zone, parents can buy a Strider on the spot. Results; a tired child, a happy mother who can now continue her shopping, and sales for Juan. Win, Win and WIN!!! 

 What to gain by hosting such an event? 

  • Publicity
  • Consumer Education
  • Demo Striders for little or no cost

An Adventure Zone is also a great place to introduce prospective dealers to STRIDER® Bikes and see firsthand the benefits of becoming a dealer (Sports, Department Stores, Special Children or Baby Stores). Get the mall to purchase a few bikes which they can then raffle off to promote your event

Different Zones

 1. Why did you become a Strider distributor? 

èStrider is a value brand with passion. You feel proud working with a company that makes kids smile.

race 2 kiddos

2. Tell us about yourself and your family. Please share as much as you’re comfortable with us sharing on our US website. Feel free to include photos.

èI am a motorsport fan and also a YRA (Yamaha Riding Academy) trainer. We love training young kids that will be our future. Our family is adorable, we have a 20 month old daughter and are living an incredible moment. 

3What sets STRIDER apart from other balance bikes? 

èThe brands activities (experience, races,  motorcycle and bicycle fans) 
èSocial media avalanche
èPeople (Strider team USA and distributor enthusiasts)

Colombia side by side

4. What is your most memorable Strider moment?

 èThe most memorable was in the Sarasota, Florida World Championship. Seeing all the kids from all over the world with one purpose “Strider” it was amazing.

5. What are you most excited about the future of Strider in your territory?

èWe are seeing the acceptance of customers, and it is going to be really popular.


6. What are you doing to keep life exciting for STRIDER riders in 2015?  

èPlanning Strider strategy, activities, events, and to put more and more  children on a Strider. With more Striders in the market, we sure will be the most known brand and parents choice.

Starting line raceRacing in the dirt

If you would like to contact Juan, juan.fernandez@motorsportbikes.com.co, to view the Colombian Strider Website, http://www.strider.com.co/, and for facebook, www.facebook.com/stridercolombia1.

STRIDER® 16 & STRIDER 20 bikes are changing people’s lives!

Strider Sports International, Inc. (SSI) has participated in 20+ special needs community events and has supported Special Olympics, National Down Syndrome Congress, Little People of America, the Great Bike Giveaway, and The Autism Society which has provided tremendous exposure! At each of our 2015 STRIDER Championship Series events, we will feature racing for athletes with special needs. Local special needs organizations will distribute 10 STRIDER bikes to special needs individuals in advance of each race in order to give them time to practice and increase their riding skills.


STRIDER is the perfect balance bike for all abilities, ages and sizes. To learn more about how we are working with these organizations, download the Supporting Special Olympics document, which can be found in the “Download attachments” below.

new thumbnail

Success Stories!!!

Success Story #1
In 2014, the Down Syndrome Association (DSA) of the Bay Area in California applied and received a $500 (USD) grant through the Strider Rider Fund. With that grant money, they received two bikes and a camp kit. A few months later, Strider ran a campaign called “STRIDER Gives Back”. We asked special needs organizations to help us promote this campaign to its members. One of the winners selected was a member of DSA. The winner and the DSA organization both received a total of 7 STRIDER bikes. DSA was inspired by our Strider Camp kit curriculum and held a fundraiser that generated over $64,000 (USD). A large portion of those funds is being used to purchase an additional 100 bikes for an upcoming Strider Camp!

Success Story #2
Special Olympics of Florida applied and received a grant from the Strider Rider Fund, allowing them to receive 4 STRIDER bikes. Next, SSI partnered with and hosted a Strider Adventure Zone during one of their events. After the event, SSI donated the bikes leaving them with six – 16’s & fourteen – 12’s. They are now placing an order for 65 to 70 STRIDER bikes as they begin to build their Strider Camp program for the Special Olympics Young Athletes Program!

Success Story #3
The Special Olympics of New Jersey hosted the 2014 U.S.A. Games and Young Athletes Festival and invited SSI to attend. SSI donated 24 STRIDER bikes of various sizes and received recognition as a State Partner. The organization has ordered 32 STRIDER bikes in just 3 months, and has referred 3 other similar organizations who have also purchased another 18 bikes! As they travel around the state of New Jersey, they will implement the Strider Camp program and more bikes will be ordered for each location. They are also working with Rutgers University to conduct a scientific study using the STRIDER bikes that will hopefully give them the ability to promote their program across the U.S.A.

If you would like to read more success stories click here.

David Championship

We hope that you find the opportunities in your territory to support this sales channel. If you are interested in placing an order for a 20’ container of STRIDER 16s or STRIDER 20s, please contact Todd Mueller at toddm@striderbikes.com.

Sales Reference Book

bike shop

Balance bikes are still a new concept to most people. Training wheels and tricycles are thoroughly entrenched in society as THE way to teach a child to ride a bike, and sadly, they do not “train” a child to ride; they are heavy, tip easily, and actually reduce a child’s mobility.

Balance bikes, on the other hand, are lightweight, simple, and focus on the fundamental skill of balancing on two wheels. They offer a revolutionary way to teach a child to ride a bike! 

We’ve created a Sales Reference Book to help dealers in all facets of selling Strider Bikes, including:

  • Best practices
  • Benefits of being a Strider dealer
  • Summary of our Authorized Reseller Policy
  • Tips on identifying and engaging potential Strider customers and fitting their child on a Strider Bike
  • Answers to common questions customers have about Strider Bikes
  • Detailed product information
  • Merchandising ideas, and more!  

You’ll want to get this piece out to your dealer network as soon as possible! Click here to download.



Terminology for the Special Needs Community


We’re making huge strides working within the special needs community in the United States to introduce Strider® bikes to individuals who have been told they will never be able to ride a bike. While we still have a lot to learn, we want to share some of the terminology we’ve learned along the way that may help as you develop this market in your territory. 

• In general, using the term “kids with special needs” or “individuals with disabilities” is professional. Please avoid saying “special-needs kids.”

• Never, under any circumstances, should we use the words “retard,” “retarded,” and/or “mongoloid.” If possible, also avoid using the word “handicapped.” 

• An individual is not their diagnosis; instead, an individual has a diagnosis. For example:

    • Gary is not autistic. Gary has Autism.
    • Sam is not a Downs kid. Sam has Down Syndrome. 
             Never say “Downs;” instead, say “Down Syndrome,” even though it takes longer to say.

• Please don’t say “Pat suffers from multiple sclerosis” (or any other diagnosis).
NO ONE “suffers” from anything; they have it, plain and simple. It isn’t who they are. They are a person first; diagnosis can be mentioned after that.

• Don’t ask people what they “have” or even worse, ask a parent what their child “has” (or what they are diagnosed with). If they want to share, great! If not, it’s none of our business. Instead, ask what sort of struggles they have had with riding a typical bike in the past. Or what has kept them from trying.

• Don’t pretend to be a doctor or therapist. If you don’t know what someone is talking about, say “I don’t know.” No one will judge you for this, I promise.

• When talking about children without special needs or comparing them to other children, please use the word “typical.” Avoid using the words “able bodied” to refer to typical kids. This implies that children with special needs are not able bodied. Our goal is to show everyone the exact opposite… individuals with AND without special needs are all VERY MUCH able bodied!

• Remember your audience: Adults with disabilities aren’t kids or children, so we need to constantly remind ourselves who we are speaking with. If you are working with children and adults, use the word “individual.”

For Terminology Guidelines specific to Special Olympics, click here


Finally, if you have any questions or suggestions on terminology you would like to share, please do! Most of us are ALL new to working with the special needs community, and we are all learning every day. We encourage you to begin implementing this verbiage all the time, even within your office so it becomes second nature. Thank you for taking time to read this and for joining the effort to have Strider be an essential partner in the special needs community!