STRIDER™ Early Childhood STEM Kit


Strider understands that curiosity, imagination, and learning begin well before a child enters formal education. Our new STRIDER™ Early Childhood STEM Curriculum gives preschoolers and kindergartners the opportunity to explore new ideas and worlds related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through something kids their age can relate to: a STRIDER
No-Pedal Balance Bike!

Best of all, in the United States there is funding available for STEM programs like ours, which helps cover the cost of getting STRIDER bikes into the education channel, including public schools, Montessori schools, preschools, and daycares! We encourage you to find out if similar government programs are available in your territory. 

STEM Description

At Strider®, we love riding bikes, and we love inspiring kids to ride. Our mission is to build lightweight, efficient, all-terrain bikes that develop two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children.

As a company that thrives on starting children on a path to success as early as possible, Strider believes it is essential to introduce children to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) along with physical play at a very young age. This program was designed to help form healthy habits in children 3-5 years old.

Several studies on STEM education have shown that children who experience STEM early through hands-on learning are best equipped to develop a strong understanding of STEM concepts as they continue their education and enter the workforce.

The goal of this program is to have students excited about learning and living a healthy active lifestyle. The STRIDER STEM program helps children learn the importance of tools and mechanical engineering by putting together pretend peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and assembling parts of the STRIDER bike. They will experience shock absorbing technology, the science of friction, estimating, and an exciting introduction to acceleration.

The STRIDER Stem kit provides interactive worksheets and even includes a bonus STEAM Lesson incorporating art into the traditional STEM Lessons (STEAM stand for STEM with Art added: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). In addition, every STRIDER STEM lesson comes with a “Fancy Word Alert” for a fun way to learn new vocabulary as well as “Get Active” exercises to incorporate STRIDER bikes into social play and encourage outdoor adventure!

Kit Contents:

  • Professionally-Designed, Rigorously-Evaluated Curriculum (34 pages total with 5 Lesson Plans)
  • 5 STRIDER 12 Bikes (all the same color)
  • 5 STRIDER-Licensed Bell helments–Rally, size M/L
  • Tongue Depressors (Spreaders)
  • Purple Felt
  • Brown Felt
  • Tan Felt
  • 10 safety Flashcards
  • Safety Reference Sheet
  • 30 Rubber Bands

The kit includes five STRIDER 12 bikes in either Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, or Yellow–all fives bikes will be the same color. To download the complete Curriculum Kit, please click here. This link also includes access to a STEM promotional flyer as well as several STEM-related photos.

SSI has partnered with two companies that already have significant experience and contacts with schools, StemFinity.com and AfterSchoolDepot.com, to handle the advertising and sale of the STEM kit. SSI will fulfill all orders via drop-ship service. Retail price of the kit is $699 USD and must be purchased as an entire kit including the curriculum and the five STRIDER bikes–even for existing STRIDER dealers.

SSI issued a Press Release (attached below) on October 08, 2014, to announce the availability of this new program. 

Developing the Special Needs Channel in your Territory


As we shared at our September Distributor Meetings about our success in the special needs channel, we realized that many of you are experiencing the same feelings we initially had when we began communicating with special needs groups and families. “Am I saying the right things?” “How do I interact with them?” “Am I going to offend someone?” “Can I really do this?”

Our biggest difficulty was overcoming our initial fear and simply getting involved with their organizations, but we quickly learned how to interact with these awesome children and families. The good news: it isn’t difficult interacting and talking with them. In fact, it’s a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding! Remember, they’re people just like you and me.

While there will be differences in cultures and how organizations operate in different countries, we thought it would be helpful to share some suggestions and hopefully reduce your anxiety, allowing you to move forward confidently into this new channel. Susie and Dona weren’t experts in special needs when they started, but they continue to learn every day. The success stories and experiences that they share with us leave us speechless. We are so proud of what Susie and Dona are doing!

Please keep in mind this channel is very large and very broad. We have only begun to tap into the vast number of areas that STRIDER bikes can help with! In the first year of focusing on this unique market, we looked in many different directions and found that our bikes are a great fit for kids and adults of ALL abilities! We’ve been sayin for years that if a child can walk, they can ride a STRIDER–and the same is true for people with special needs!!

Since we cannot devote all of our manpower and resources to this new channel, we had to narrow our focus and determine where we could make the biggest impact right away. The two groups Dona and Susie are focusing on for the next 12 months are Down syndrome and Special Olympics. These are the two groups we can offer the most support and assistance in the special needs market, and unless you are passionate about—or have knowledge in another area—we encourage you to focus on these two groups as well.

Here are a few ideas to get you moving in the right direction:

  1. Watch and share this video from the 2014 Special Olympics STRIDER Exhibition Race.
    Everyone who watches this will be amazed by what they see and begin to imagine new possibilites for people with special needs who’ve been told for years they will never be able to ride a bike!
  2. Translate our “Special Needs Bikes” web page into your language and add this page to your web site: https://www.striderbikes.com/special-needs-bikes
    1. This page has a wealth of information, including testimonials and appropriate verbiage.
    2. Links to additional photos and videos featuring children with special needs are available below for use on your website until you are able to build up your own library of photos and videos:


  3. Find a family member, or a friend, who has a child with special needs.
    Again, the groups we are focusing on are Down syndrome and Special Olympics. Regardless of the group you ultimately decide to work with, it’s critical that it’s a group you are excited and compassionate about!
    1. If the child is willing to try riding a STRIDER™, give them a bike and see if it helps the child learn to ride over the course of a couple weeks.
      1. This is also a great way to begin interacting with children with special needs and build confidence that you can interact with the children, their parents, and the doctors and specialist who work with them.
      2. Use training ideas from the STRIDER Camp® curriculum to help the child learn how to ride. They may need additional time to practice the exercises, so be sure to encourage their parents to work with them at home too.
    2. If the child is successful riding a STRIDER, get some pictures of the child riding their STRIDER and encourage the parents to spread the word to other people in their special needs network! You will be amazed at the amount of exposure and outreach you can get from one or two testimonials and pictures!!
  4. Find a person in the special needs community who understands how STRIDER bikes can benefit children with special needs and their families.
    1. Partner with this person to help develop the special needs channel and access the national level organizations.
  5. Research what special needs groups and organizations exist and get involved with one of their small events/benefits.
    1. Give the organization 1 to 3 STRIDER bikes to help raise money for their event and begin to access the channel.
    2. Attend their event and talk to people about STRIDER, and what is happening in the US and the rest of the world with Strider and special needs organizations. Share the pictures and videos of children with special needs riding STRIDER bikes.
    3. Find the local Special Olympics office and talk with them.
      1. Take them out for coffee and show them our special needs videos to prove that STRIDER bikes can help children with special needs.

  6. Visit the rehabilitation department of local hospitals, and talk to the Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists about STRIDER bikes. 
    1. Remember, EVERY child is different, and the specific exercises that work for one child might not work for another. As we talk with therapists in the US, we are continually learning of new and different uses and applications of how therapists are using STRIDER bikes to help children with special needs! Keep in mind that a few testimonials go a long way!!!
  7. After items 1 through 6 are completed, please report what you have learned back to Strider, and we will offer more customized support and advice for your situation. 

Shipping Demand Matrix

To assist in your year-round planning for Strider® 12 shipments, we’ve created this Shipping Demand Matrix to clearly indicate the least and most expensive months for shipping containers: 


Please plan for 60-day lead times for all Strider orders from when we receive your initial payment, as shown below:


Product Dimensions for all STRIDER Bike Models for Shipping

The following chart contains box dimensions in inches and centimeters as well as box weights in pounds and kilograms for all STRIDER™ bike models. Packout information for pallets shipping from the US and containers shipping from China is also shown. Note: the STRIDER 12 Classic box is slightly smaller than the box for the STRIDER 12 Sport and STRIDER 12 Pro. 


We urge you to verify any pallet-size restrictions with your Freight Forwarder prior to placing an order as we will need to adhere to their measurements and guidelines.

In the U.S., we use heat-treated wooden pallets, 40” x 48” (101.6cm x 121.9cm). A standard pallet of 60 Sport bikes is packed with 10 bikes in each layer, 6 layers high, and is shrink wrapped prior to shipping; this packed pallet measures 40.25” x 48” x 78” (102.24cm x 121.92cm x 198.12cm) and the overall weight is 623 pounds (282.59Kg). From the U.S., we can ship either from our warehouse in Torrance, California (Los Angeles) or from Atlanta, Georgia (usually exporting out of Miami, Florida).

The photo below shows our standard pallet build for 60 bikes:


This configuration creates a cavity in the center of the pallet as shown in the photo below. There is room to add 2 more bike boxes in this center cavity, thus allowing a total of 62 STRIDER 12 bikes on a pallet. However, because these boxes are not visible and the bar codes are not easily-scanable, please check with your customs broker to make sure this will not cause any issues.  


There are no restrictions on product mix on a pallet: all colors and styles of bikes, as well as Accessories and Marketing/Event Materials can be packed on the same pallet if needed.

Our Top 5 accessories in the US are:  

  1. Elbow/knee Pad Sets
  2. XL Seat Posts – needed for STRIDER riders ages 3-5 for a better fit (included in the Sport model)
  3. Plastic Bike Stands
  4. Number Plate Kits
  5. Gloves

Details on all of our accessories and bikes are available on our website at www.striderbikes.com/product.Details on Marketing Materials available to ship from the US are available on a separate blog post by clicking here (these items are only available in our Rapid City warehouse and would need to be shipped to Torrance or Atlanta to ship on the same pallet as bikes and accessories).

Packout details for pallets shipping from China are slightly different and need to be confirmed on a per-order basis. 

Minimizing Strider Freight Costs


Strider offers FREE freight on all orders over $50USD in the US for both retail and dealers. We feel this shipping policy makes it very easy for dealers to work with us… there are fewer restrictions, it’s simple and easy to buy from us, and being the easiest distributor to work with helps keep the competition off their shelf/floor space. We don’t require any minimum order quantity—though we encourage orders of at least 12 bikes or more to receive FREE display items and accessories. We put all dealers on our dealer locater, and those who buy in large quantities are listed first as gold star dealers. Basically, we want to make it as easy as possible for dealers to carry Strider Bikes!

To minimize the impact of FREE freight on our profitability, we do everything we can to minimize our shipping expenses. We stock our products in warehouses in southern California, Atlanta, GA (in the southeast corner of the US), and Rapid City, SD. Amazingly, our freight savings since adding a third warehouse in October 2013 actually covers the administrative costs for the additional warehouse, and our customers love the faster service!

Packaging is critical too, and we’ve created a video for our warehouses, dealers, and distributors to show how we package and ship Striders from our main warehouse in Rapid City. Feel free to use this video as you need to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7x96rMzdpc&feature=youtu.be Note: even though the video shows ST-3 Striders, the pack-outs shown will work with ST-4 Strider boxes as well.

We minimize the number of cartons we ship by banding up to three Strider boxes together and by packing any accessories in the Strider bike box itself rather than shipping accessories separately. When we add accessories to bike boxes going to dealers, we also add a bright orange “Additional Parts Included” sticker on the box, as shown below.



If all the accessories in an order won’t fit in the Strider Bike box, we pack them in a second plain cardboard box of similar dimensions and then band the accessory box to the Strider box, as shown below.


 Hopefully this information is helpful to you in your respective territory.

STRIDER Scientifically Proven To Increase Balance Skills!

University Of South Dakota Shows STRIDER Bike Helps Toddlers Improve Balance And Coordination During Four-Week Study

STRIDER Bike Scientifically Proven To Increase Balance Skills in Pre-School Age Children

Rapid City, SD (November 26, 2012) – Strider Sports International, developer of the patented STRIDER™ No-Pedal Balance Bikes, is pleased to announce the results of a recent study of the STRIDER bike at the University of South Dakota’s Division of Kinesiology and Sport Science. The study was conducted over a four-week period with three to five-year-old children and concluded that participants benefited from using a STRIDER bike by improving their balance and functional fitness, while likely reducing future injuries during their daily routines.

The data analysis showed a “significant improvement” in the Limit of Stability scores (the subject’s ability to lean in different directions without a loss of balance) for the experimental group after four weeks of targeted training with the STRIDER bike. The study concluded that society could benefit from the knowledge that pedal-less bicycles are a tool for improving stability in three to five-year-old children and are possibly a safer alternative to using training wheels for bicycle riding acclimatization.

“This scientific proof is truly groundbreaking for us at Strider Sports,” says Ryan McFarland, Founder and CEO of Strider Sports International, Inc. “We have witnessed thousands of anecdotal instances of children learning balance and coordination after using a STRIDER bike. Now the empirical evidence has been gathered and supports what we have seen for years – the STRIDER bike significantly improves a child’s gross motor skill development as it relates to balance.  This, in turn, lets toddlers and young children enjoy life on two wheels like never before!”

“We think the results of this study are fascinating,” says Andrew Shim, Department Chair of the University of South Dakota Division of Kinesiology and Sport Science. “According to our data collected from the study, the STRIDER bike product really does increase balance in 3-5 year old riders.  Ultimately, this increase in balance may eliminate the need for training wheels and tricycles.

If you wish to view the final USD report, email Distributor@Striderbikes.com.

Strider® Racing!


 MSL7831 2160 x 1434

You might be asking, “What makes Strider® Racing” different than a Strider® Adventure Zone?” It’s simple–racing is more structured, riders must be registered, and instead of crusing around leisurely, there’s a starting ramp and finish line! At some events, we’ll set up an Adventure Zone for most of the day, and at a set time, we’ll line kids up by age (one-year-olds all the way up to five-year-olds) and have them compete against each other on the course. We’ll run as many motos as needed per age group so all the kids get a turn. The winners of each moto will then compete against each other to determine a winner for that age bracket. The top three winners are typically awarded trophies or medals as they stand atop the podium. It’s a great way to introduce kids to competetion in a safe, fun, family-friendly way–by the time they’re old enough to race BMX or motocross, they know exactly what to expect and are used to a racing environment. 

So who sponsors Strider Racing? Lots of different groups can sponsor Strider Racing: Dealers, Distributors, and lots of special interest groups. In the US, Strider has had great sucess partnering with the USA Pro Cycling and offering Adventure Zones at the finish line for each day’s stage. On the final day, we take it up a notch and organize racing near the stage’s finish line. It’s great family entertainment, and the kids love the opportunity to race like the adults!

Strider racing has really taken off through our partnership with USA BMX as well–you can get all the details about that in our BMX / Track Support Program post.

Several of our distributors have also gained fantastic exposure for their Strider business by organizing Strider Cup races throughout the riding season. Efforts in Japan and the UK by working hard in this area has been especially effective. Check out this fantastic footage from Japan’s 2013 Strider Cup Race held near Tokyo:  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=395111203941507&set=vb.280119592099030&type=2&theater

With our 2016 Series races fast approaching, we would like to share with you the following documents:

2016 Race Rules
Racing Terminology
Parents Code of Conduct
Affidavit of Proof of Age
Weather Policy
Racing Posters
Media Information Sheet