Balance Bikes Can Help Your Students Grow and Succeed

Strider Bikes in PE classYou obviously love kids. Every day parents walk through your front door, drop off their entire world, and entrust you with their safety and development. No pressure! You are truly a superhero. It just so happens, we love kids too. We aren’t just any ol’ bike company; our goal is helping children thrive. The Strider Bike isn’t just any ol’ bike; it is how we accomplish that goal. It seems like we have a lot in common. Let’s chat more about how the Strider Bike can specifically benefit the little love bugs in your care.

Developmental Milestones

All Kids Bike CampaignStrider Bikes are one of the best tools for helping develop gross motor skills. Kids as young as eighteen months will learn whole-body movements without frustration. With no pedals to smack legs or fuss with, their progression will start with simply walking the bike to sitting on the seat, taking longer strides, and eventually, balancing with both feet off the ground. It is a simple and natural process.

While kiddos are cruising around having a blast, they aren’t thinking about how important balance and coordination are for self-regulation, developing body awareness, building core strength, augmenting spatial intelligence, or establishing a foundation for future development of fine motor skills – but you are. The fact that they are also burning off some of that bountiful toddler energy is just the icing on the cake.

Balance Bikes in KindergartenThe benefits aren’t purely physical either. Strider Bikes encourage social and emotional development as well. Children can learn to play independently. They can explore and play creatively. On the flip side, they can also engage and interact with others while riding, navigating obstacles, playing games, and practicing taking turns.

The little tykes just think they are out there having fun, but you know they are doing so much more, and so do their parents.

Builds Confidence & Independence

Strider Bikes meet children where they are developmentally. They are light and easy to move around so children can better control how fast or slow they want to go, and with feet on the ground, they have complete control over how and when to stop the bike. Most toddlers don’t use words like “accomplishment,” “independent,” or “confident.” They don’t have to; it is written all over their faces.

Riding bikes is a lifelong journey. It isn’t just about learning new skills but becoming comfortable with exploring and navigating new challenges. A bike teaches them what they are capable of. Strider Bikes give children direct and persistent experiences that build confidence and independence every time they hop on. That will positively impact who they become and how they show up in the world.  And, honestly, what greater gift could you offer these little human beings?

Economic Impact

All Kids BikeAs if the developmental and emotional benefits of Strider Bikes aren’t enough on their own, there are plenty of practical reasons they make sense for you as a caretaker. They are safe. Without pedals, your little munchkins can safely use their feet to navigate obstacles and stop quickly. Strider Bikes are accessible to a wide range of ages without the worry of their individual bike skills. There is less chance of losing control of the bike, crashes, or injury. They’re also lightweight, probably a good two times lighter than most pedal bikes with training wheels. Don’t let those kids fool you; they are totally capable of putting the bikes away on their own! With a simple design, there won’t be complicated repairs or rusted chains to replace. The 12” Sport is easily adjustable. You can adjust both handlebar and seat height with a simple quick-release, to accommodate even the shortest of legs. No tools necessary.

You likely invest a lot in toys and materials, Strider Bikes can withstand a good toddler beating and will be around for a long time. Plus, did we mention? They are fun! Really, really fun!

At the end of the day, when the goldfish cracker crumbs are swept up, and boogers scraped off tabletops, we hope you take a moment to feel proud of a job well done. And, the next morning, when all the kiddos come storming back in, you’ll be ready for another day of tending their little hearts. You are a superhero! Trust us; you don’t hear that enough. We feel honored to help support you in what you do.  

Kids Don’t Know How to Ride a Bike Anymore

There are tons of valid reasons your kiddo doesn’t ride a bike. We get it! Life is crazy busy, and you have a lot on your plate. Traditionally, learning to ride a bike has been hard and teaching even harder. Who wants to spend the weekend fighting to get their kid on a bike? It turns out, not many. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, in the last ten years, there’s been a 35% drop in kids riding bikes for fun. Bikes ARE fun, and when kids aren’t riding, they are missing out.

Boy and Girl on Strider SportLuckily, Strider has invented and perfected the most simple, effective, and wicked cool ways to get your kids on a bike. There is a complete progression that takes your kid from drooling on themselves to drooling over their bike before they are out of diapers (sorry, we can’t help with potty training though). Let’s take a look at some of the obstacles you face as a parent when it comes to getting your kiddo started on a bike and ways to alleviate the stress. 

Obstacle: You don’t have time! 

Girl on green Strider Sport

Strider Solution: Of course, you don’t have an entire weekend to dedicate to coaxing your child onto a bike. That’s a lot of pressure. Plus, you don’t have that kind of patience; you’re not a saint! Strider Bikes take the work out of it, we promise! You can start them early. It’s as easy as handing them the bike and letting them get on and walk around. The rest comes totally naturally. Plus, we offer a Learn-To-Ride Guide that breaks down every progression. It’s easy, and you’ll still have plenty of time to get all your laundry done (we know how most weekends go).

Obstacle: You are not sure where to start or how to teach. 

Brothers on Strider 14x SportStrider Solution: First step, ditch the training wheels! By ditch, we mean destroy (or just throw them in the trash). They are making this bike riding thing WAY TOO HARD. Isn’t the point to have fun? The second step, choose an age-appropriate Strider and download the Learn-to-Ride Guide. We’ll tell you everything you need to know (and that’s not much). Honestly, your kiddo will likely teach themselves.

Obstacle: You live in a place without easy access to outdoor spaces.

Kid going off ramp on Strider SportStrider Solution:  Typical children’s bikes are clunky and heavy with awkward training wheels. Strider Bikes are made to be light and portable enough that even your barely walking toddler can maneuver with ease. Take that thing with you everywhere you want your little bean to keep up with you – the grocery store, furniture shopping, or mall walking. Heck, let them ride in the living room or basement. Now, if we could only figure out how they could bring their bike on a long flight.

Obstacle: You are worried about your child’s safety. Either traffic concerns or hard tumbles on the cement.

Strider Solution: As for traffic concerns, refer to the solution above. It’s worth saying again; these bikes can go almost anywhere. And, when it comes to tumbles and crashes, sure, accidents happen. You can start on the grass or carpet until you are both more confident. Make sure your kiddo always wears a helmet. For extra protection, check out our elbow and knee pads and riding gloves.

Obstacle: Your child prefers a scooter.

Strider Solution: Kids love scooters, and we don’t blame them. Especially the ones with the jet pack (those are real, right?). Both kids and parents tend to gravitate towards the scooter because they are perceived to be easier to learn and give immediate freedom. Don’t be fooled. In the long run, scooters won’t get kids as far or offer lifelong opportunities for riding. And, as you know by now, Striders are easy. Kids master the art of striding, then pedaling, practically without trying.

Brother and Sister on Strider 14x SportIt’s not too often that obstacles are this easy to overcome. You do a lot of hard things every day. There’s no need to make getting your kid on a bike one of those. Start with the Rocking Base. Your baby can literally start as soon as they sit up. Then, when your little love bug starts walking, pop the bike off the base, and, walla, you have yourself a 12” balance bike. It’s the awesome-sauce! The grand finale is the 14x. It starts as a balance bike and can magically transform into a pedal bike with the Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit. If your kid is already out of diapers (congratulations!), or maybe even in grade school and hasn’t ridden a bike, no sweat, there’s no better time to start than now. Go easy on yourself. Get a Strider, get your kiddo rolling, and prepare yourself for a huge spike in family fun. At this rate, the next ten years will bring a 100% decrease in frustration with getting kids on bikes.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Strider Bikes

Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Strider Bikes

One of the best parts of owning a bike is making it unique to you.  The customization process is fun.  Putting our little creative spin on something we own helps us to express ourselves beyond the original design of the product.  One of the best parts about having a bike (Strider Bike, mountain bike, motorbike, etc.) is customizing it to fit our needs and match our personality.  Kids love personalizing their bikes, and our accessories make great stocking stuffers for StriderStrider Snow Skis riders at any age! 

Snow Skis

These are by far our most popular accessory.  With this handy attachment, your child’s Strider becomes an all-season bike.  Simply attach the snow skis to the wheels and get ready to take your little Strider rider to the slopes!  Nearest ski lodge too far away?  No worries!  These skis work great on the neighborhood sledding hills and snow-filled yards too.   This no-tool accessory is super easy to put on and take off the bike.  The lightweight and safe skis provide the ultimate way to enjoy a Strider Bike during those winter months when cabin fever sets in.  The Strider Snow Skis fit comfortably in a stocking or under the tree and provide hours of entertainment. Get your skis here!

Customization Bundle

Strider Customization BundleTired of the standard black grips and rims on your Strider?  Looking for a way to spruce up your child’s sweet Strider ride?  No problem! We’ve got your back.  The customization bundle on our website is a steal!  Not only will you get to choose a custom number plate, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of colored handlebar grips and our Ultralight Wheels.  This customization pack is a great choice for those who want to add a splash of color to their child’s bike and make it stand out in the crowd.  Customize your child’s ride today!




Bicycle Helmet

Strider Bike Helmet

The most important piece of equipment for anyone using a bicycle is the helmet.  There’s nothing more important than protecting your child’s head while they’re beginning to learn how to stride or they’re racing around the neighborhood.  With easy-to-use features, including a dial system for easy, on-the-go adjustability; a no-pinch buckle and padded chin guard for a snug, secure fit; and an internal wrap-around padded sweatband to keep riders comfortable, this helmet offers plenty of protection for your child’s head. With 14 large air vents, your little rider will stay calm, cool, and safe. No hassles, just plain fun! Protect your little one’s head!



Safety Package

Strider Safety BundleYou didn’t think we’d stop with the helmet, did you?  Of course not, safety first!  Practicing safe riding at an early age builds the foundation for safe riding practices that will last a lifetime.  We take riding safety seriously, our official safety bundle includes gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads. These pads are stylish, comfortable, and will keep your rider’s elbows and knees injury free. The easy-to-attach Velcro straps make it simple for your child to gear up for riding. Your little riders will be striding in style while protecting their elbows, knees, and hands with this top-selling accessory bundle for ages 18 months to 5 years old! Gear up and get safe today!



Strider Jersey

Strider Racing JerseyNothing says, “Too Cool for School,” quite like a Strider Racing Jersey.  It’s true.  Watch your child go back to school from winter break and be the talk of the classroom as they sport the bold colors on their new Strider Racing Jersey!  Our jerseys come in a variety of colors so, no matter the occasion, they’ll be sporting their favorite color.  Speaking of all occasions, the Strider Racing jerseys have a custom, motocross-style design that keeps kids cool and even has UV 30 protection.  With 8 different color variations and four toddler sizes, you’ll have plenty of options to dress your little one like a champion in 2018 (plus they’re WAY cooler than Ralphie’s pair of pink bunny pajamas on Christmas morning). Get race ready here!


Heavy Duty Wheel Set

The standard EVA foam rubber tires that come with the 12” Strider Bikes are designed to keep the bike lightweight and low maintenance.  Strider Heavy Duty WheelsThey ensure that your child’s Strider stays light, which makes learning how to balance the bike easier.  Once your little rider gets a little older and might still be a little too timid to make the switch to the 14x Sport, consider upgrading the EVA foam tires to our Heavy-Duty tire set.  These inflatable, pneumatic rubber tires are great at helping your little one adjust to the heavier weight of a pedal bike.  Air tires like these are also great for when your child is ready to start going off the beaten path. They provide good bounce and cushion to help them maneuver through tough terrain. Upgrade your child’s wheels here!

The holiday shopping season might almost be over, but you’ve still got time to get some of those all-important stocking stuffers.  Make it a Strider Christmas and stock up on everything you and your child needs to customize their Strider Bike to make it something truly their own.  Our excellent customer service is here to answer any questions that you might have about our accessories.  Give us a call at 605-342-0266 to speak with them today.

Last Chance to Order Your Strider Balance Bikes for a Holiday Delivery

14x Sport Pedal Bike

There’s always one more person to shop for, one more must-have gift, one perfect present that will make your Holiday season memorable for years to come.  We want to make sure that everyone who asked for a Strider Balance Bike this year, gets theirs by the right day.  December 11th is the last day that we can guarantee holiday shipping for any of our Strider Balance Bikes or accessories. Still not sure what to get? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike – Welcome the newest addition to the Strider Balance Bike family.  The Strider 14x Sport is a balance bike designed for children 3 – 7 years old.  This balance bike offers instant riding success and provides a strong foundation for future riders.  Read all about the 14x and how it was designed to give your child instant riding success.  As soon as your little one has mastered balancing and striding on the 14x, they’re ready to progress to pedaling.  Simply attach the included pedal kit and your child is ready to start using the 14x as a pedal bike.  This highly-acclaimed balance bike offers the complete learn-to-ride package in one great bike.  We only have limited quantities until 2018.  Get yours today before they’re all gone!

Strider 12 Sport

Strider 12” Sport Balance Bike – The Strider Balance Bike parents know and love.  The 12” Sport is our most popular model worldwide and for good reason.  It offers the best features that a balance bike should have. EVA polymer tires keep the bike extremely lightweight and don’t need to be filled with air. Quick-release clamps for the seat and handlebars make adjusting the Strider Sport easy for anyone.  Your little one can rest their feet easy on the patented footrest.  The handgrips were specifically designed to fit little hands more comfortably.  From 18 months to 5 years old, the Strider 12” Sport is perfect for the beginning rider.  Join the Strider family today!

Baby Bikes

Strider Rocking Base – Not quite ready to take the Strider balance bike out for a walk yet?  Can’t wait for your little one to start riding a Strider?  No problem. Start your baby rocking on this fun, low-to-the-ground Strider Rocking Base. The Strider Rocking Base easily attaches to a Strider Balance Bike and transforms it into the perfect rocking horse bike! The Strider Rocking Base doesn’t need any batteries and comes completely squeak-free, unlike some other rocking horses you might come across.  Get ready for hours of fun as the Strider Rocking Base teaches your child the beginning motor skills of balance and stability.  Ready to rock?  Get yours today!

Strider Snow SkisStrider Snow Skis – Dreaming of a white Christmas?  So are we!  Hitting the slopes is one of our favorite winter activities.  So, we thought we’d combine our two favorite things, bike riding, and skiing.  The end result?  Attachable skis to any 12” Strider model.  The Strider Snow Skis are one of our top-selling accessories that easily attaches and transforms your child’s bike into the perfect winter toy, in the backyard, cross country, or on the slopes. Pair the Strider Bike ski attachment with your child’s balance bike for the ultimate winter experience!  Don’t let cabin fever stop you and your little one from getting outside.  The Strider Snow Skis go fast, so make sure you’ve got enough pairs for every little Strider rider in your life today!

Share the joy of riding this Holiday Season with Strider Balance Bikes.  Already have a Strider Balance Bike for your little one?  No problem.  We’ve got a full selection of Strider accessories that make great stocking stuffers and fun little gifts for your little ones to enjoy.  From custom grips to seats and wheels, we’ve got everything you need to completely customize the look of your child’s Strider Balance Bike! Don’t forget to put your orders in by December 11th to make a Christmas delivery!  Stride On!


5 Ways Strider Balance Bikes Help Toddlers Become Rock Stars

Riding a bike used to be a favorite activity for kids.  Today though, between smartphones and tablets, video games and the Internet, kids just don’t seem to be riding bikes as much as they used to.  However, the younger you introduce your child to riding, the more apt they’ll be to continue enjoying their bike into their childhood and even into adulthood.  Hands down, Strider Balance Bikes for toddlers are the best way to teach them to ride.  In addition to being a great exercise for kids, balance bikes for toddlers can help turn your child into a Rock Star!  Here are five ways a Strider Balance BIke for your toddler will help turn them into a Rock Star.


toddler balance bike | toddler bike

1. Confidence is Key

The hardest part about learning to ride a bike isn’t learning how to pedal, it’s learning how to balance and steer.  Strider Balance Bikes for toddlers help teach them balance and steering by allowing them to propel themselves with their feet.  They learn to steer and lean into turns just like downhill cyclists, BMX riders in a half pipe, or motorcyclists. There’s nothing better than seeing the face of a child when they figure out how to stride.  If there’s one thing Rock Star’s are known for, it’s confidence.


2. Independence Rocks

Once your child learns how to balance and stride on a Strider Balance Bike, they’re part of a larger world.  Your child now has the sense of freedom and independence that comes with two-wheeled transportation.  The freedom that comes from riding a bike will stick with them for the rest of their life. Independence promotes critical thinking skills, which are very important for children. These skills enhance self-esteem and promote the ability to meet any challenging situation with ease and optimism.  Developing independence skills will provide a number of benefits to your children including:

  • A steep rise in confidence level and self-esteem
  • An ability to solve problems that occur in daily life
  • A compassion and love for others
  • An ability to help others, when they are facing problem
  • A better self-image and enthusiasm
  • An increased happiness with themselves.


3. Risk/Reward

Now that your child is a Rock Star and striding all over the place, they’re bound to test the limits of what they can accomplish.  They have confidence in their abilities, they have the independence to go achieve goals they set for themselves, and they have a sense of adventure fueled by their confidence and independence.  Strider Balance Bikes help teach your child about the potential risks and rewards that come with riding.  It’s true, there may be a few scrapes and bruises along the way; however, those scrapes and bruises are lessons for the future. Help them learn those hard lessons now, instead of out on the road in the face of bad influences.


girl power | empower my little girl


4. An Amazing Sense of Adventure

Children have a seemingly endless imagination and sense of wonder.  Once your child has the confidence and freedom that come with learning how to ride a Strider Balance Bike, they’re free to explore, to imagine, and to experience the world in a way that was previously limited by their mobility.  We all remember our first bikes and how close they were to our hearts.  We also remember the countless number of adventures we went on with those bikes.  Once your toddler learns to ride on a Strider Balance bike, the door to adventure opens and your child’s imagination lets loose. Like the most successful Rock Stars, your child will know how to take in the sights in all those strange cities between shows and savor the different experiences.


5. They’re Part of the Strider Family

From the first time your child gets on a Strider Balance Bike to the day your child gives one to their child, they’re part of the Strider Family.  Being part of the Strider Family means that you and your children have access to special events all over the country, even across the globe!  Your child’s epicness continues to grow to Rock Star status as they become involved in official Strider events, learn competitiveness, hone their riding skills, and learn the value of good sportsmanship. Being part of the Strider Family means your child is changing the world for the better, one bike at a time, one stride at a time.


Strider Race | Strider Balance BikeAt Strider Sports, we have a passion for riding.  We want to share that passion with the world.  Strider Balance Bikes for toddlers not only introduce them to the world of two-wheeled transportation, but give them the confidence, independence, and ability to explore the world around them.  These things inspire our kids to adventure—real, tangible adventure that they can’t find within the pixels of a smartphone.  The confidence, self-esteem, laughs, giggles, new friends, and sheer fun that come from the Strider Balance Bike for toddlers sticks with them long after they’ve put the Strider away and moved on to a dirt bike, mountain bike, sport bike or motorcycle.  That’s something they’ll take with them for life.

We know what you are thinking. “Wait, what? A balance bike can do all of that?” Yes! The life skill of learning how to balance a bike is one that propels your child in all facets of life, not just when they’re on a seat with the wind in their face. This is what drives our passion at Strider, we love inspiring kids to ride because we know what the power of two wheels can do for your child…it might just make them more than a Rock Star!  



Tricycles Are Older than Toilet Paper and Haven’t Evolved. Why Are We Still Using Them?


Tricycles Weren’t Meant to Teach Bike Riding 

Tricycles | Balance BIkesThe first version of the tricycle was invented in 1680 by a German man named Stephan Farffler.  This version was operated, not by pedaling the feet, but by a series of gears and hand cranks.  The tricycle as we know it today (operated by pedaling) was invented by two Frenchmen – Blanchard and Maguier – in 1789.  The tricycle introduced by Blanchard and Maguier has gone through relatively few changes since its inception.

By contrast, modern commercial toilet paper was introduced in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty.  Watermarked with Gayetty’s name and packaged as Gayetty’s Medicated Paper, the product was sold in packages of flat sheets.  Over the last 170 years, our beloved bathroom tissue has gone through significant changes.  Where am I going with all this?  It’s simple.  We’re teaching our children to ride bikes on an invention that is older and has arguably gone through far fewer changes than toilet paper.  So why do parents start their children on something so archaic when we know there’s a better way?

I imagine many of the reasons we keep investing in the idea of the tricycle is because…that’s just how it’s been.  We all look back fondly on those red tricycles with the white handles and think of all the fun we had on them through rose-colored glasses.  What we don’t remember is how cumbersome, hard to turn, and immobile they were.  Before you break out the pitchforks, remember how hard it was to get out of the grass if you veered off the sidewalk into the front lawn?  Or how about how hard it was to pedal long enough to get some momentum going?  Or how about if you took a turn too sharp and tipped over?  Forget about that? Thought so.

Technology keeps improving every day at an almost exponential rate.  Yesterday’s computer is obsolete tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s new cell phone is old news the minute it hits the shelf.  As a culture, we’re so willing to adapt to new gadgets and gizmos that promise to make our lives easier, but why is it that we struggle to adopt a new way of showing our kids a better way to learn how to ride a bike?



Balance Bikes Focus on Fundamentals, Tricycles Don’t

Balance and steering are the fundamentals of operating any two-wheeled vehicle (balance bike, bike, moped, dirt bike, motorcycle).  Learning to pedal a bicycle or tricycle is the easiest part.  The motion is as natural as walking.  So why are we using tools that teach our children what they already know?  The hardest parts about riding a bike, balance and steering, aren’t taught on a tricycle.

Toddler Balance BIke | Training Wheels

Strider® Balance Bikes for toddlers offer a safe, effective, and proven approach for learning how to ride a bike.  By learning the fundamentals first and foremost, your child can learn how to ride at a much earlier age.  While tricycles might seem more stable, they actually have a higher center of gravity than a balance bike.  They tip over easily and your child has much farther to fall.  Balance bikes have a low center of gravity and your child always has two feet right next to the ground to help stabilize them and prevent them from falling.

Because of the way the tricycle is designed, steering is also not quite the same as on a bicycle.  The pedals, which are typically located on the front wheel, make steering limited and create more work for the rider.  To keep the front wheel straight, those little arms must work hard to counter the force being exerted on the pedals while your child pushes with each alternating foot.  So, not only is your child working harder, they’re doing the opposite steering motions needed to learn true balance.

Strider Balance Bikes are the #1 selling balance bike for a reason.  They work.  Tricycles are an outdated solution to a mobility problem (don’t forget, they were invented for adults).  They were never specifically designed to train someone how to ride a bicycle.  In fact, bicycles were invented after tricycles in 1817 by German Baron Karl von Drais.  His Laufmaschine, which is German for “running machine” didn’t have pedals either.  Adults would straddle the bicycle, take long strides to get up to speed, and coast.  Sound familiar? 

About Strider Sports International, Inc.

Strider Sports designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes for children ages 18 months – 5 years, and for older riders with balance and coordination challenges. Strider’s mission is to simplify a bike, so proper size and weight combine to eliminate fear of riding and instill confidence. Strider Bikes allow riders to learn balance, leaning, and steering; thus eliminating the need for tricycles or training wheels. Founded in 2007 in Rapid City, S.D., Strider has sold over 1.7 million bikes which are distributed in over 75 countries. It has donated over $850,000 through its Rider Fund. Visit www.StriderBikes.comFacebook or Instagram.



Strider Sports Highlighted at 2017 Global Innovation Forum



Strider Sports Int’l, Inc. was highlighted during the Global Innovation Forum at Google’s offices in Washington D.C.! 

“The Global Innovation Forum is a nonprofit effort to connect entrepreneur, small business, development, and university communities with policymakers and select corporations to explore the opportunities and challenges of engaging in the global marketplace. GIF serves as a hub for business, university and development communities around the world to communicate with officials and corporations, discover public and private resources to help them succeed, and improve the public policy landscape to enable global innovation. GIF is a project of the 501(c) (3) National Foreign Trade Council Foundation.”


Read the full report HERE and scroll down for the Interview with Strider founder, Ryan McFarland.





SLC Museum Features Strider Adventure Zone

To encourage younger children to ride on two wheels, Discovery Gateway: The Children’s Museum of Utah, set up a Strider Adventure Zone in conjunction with their new SkyCycle exhibit. Stop by and check out their fun activities if you’re in the Salt Lake City area this year, perhaps during the Strider Cup World Championship July 21-22.

Strider caught up with the museum’s Marketing Coordinator, Kristin Jahne, to find out why they decided to incorporate the Strider Adventure Zone with the exhibit, and how everything went on the SkyCycle’s opening day.

How did you first learn about Strider Balance Bikes?SLC Disc Mus.Adv Zone.4

Our marketing team saw a Strider Adventure Zone course at a local farmer’s market a year before bringing them to our museum. We were so impressed at how organized the set up was, and how much fun the children were having! When planning our opening event for a bicycle related exhibit, we decided that a Strider Adventure Zone seemed like a natural fit for the younger children. We contacted their headquarters and had everything arranged quickly. They were awesome to work with!

Why did you decide to add the Strider Adventure Zone to the museum?

Our museum caters to a wide age range of children, from infants to pre-teens. It’s important to make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to learn from activities and exhibits specifically for their age group. For our opening event on April 22, we had plenty for the older kids and parents. Strider Adventure Zone was the perfect complement to the event, since it is geared for kids age 18 months to 5 years old!

Have you had any other cycling-related exhibits for kids in the past?

On April 22, we opened our newest exhibit, the SkyCycle. Suspended 15 feet in the air, the SkyCycle takes physics learning to new heights. Riders explore principles of counterbalance and center of gravity while taking a thrilling ride on a 30-foot track. This exhibit is aimed to older kids who meet the height requirement of 48” tall. However, we’re very thankful to have the Strider Bikes to provide for our younger crowd and teach them these same physics principles from an early age.

What do you like most about the Strider Bikes?

The Strider Bikes were incredibly easy to assemble; it took one of our team members less than a half hour to assemble six bikes! We also appreciated how secure they were once assembled. Other children bikes have the tendency to be flimsy and unstable, but Strider Bikes are durable, light-weight and functional. Cannot recommend them enough!

How did children like riding the Strider Bikes?

We had overwhelmingly positive feedback at our Adventure Zone! The parents were so thankful there was an activity for the smaller, younger children and the kids had a blast! We set cones in the center of our course so siblings could race without risk of bumping into each other. That was very successful, and riders got a lot of encouragement from parents! Plus, our staff loved teaching bicycle safety to the little kids.  The photos we took were adorable.

Do you plan to use the Strider Adventure Zone in other ways?

We have so many ideas of how to incorporate Strider Bikes and the Adventure Zone in our museum that we hardly know where to start! Our first move is to put some Strider Bikes in our Move It! exhibit, an area focused on incorporating physical activity and fun through movement and play. We also plan on bringing back the Adventure Zone for our Children’s Festival Fundraiser in June.

Strider Fun at Eight 2017 American Flat Track Events

Strider Bikes Brings Two-Wheeled Toddler Fun to American Flat Track
American Flat Track To Add Children’s Area For Eight Races

Rapid City, SD (March 14, 2017) — Strider Bikes, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of children’s no-pedal balance bikes, is pleased to announce it is the official sponsor of the Children’s Area for eight of the 2017 American Flat Track races this season. The Strider activation in the Children’s Area will include a Strider Adventure Zone (ride and play area) where children as young as 18 months can learn to balance and ride on the pedal-less bikes.

“It is a key objective to make our events accessible for the entire family,” said Michael Lock, CEO of American Flat Track. “The addition of the Strider Adventure Zone will open up many of our races to a new generation of fans, giving them a taste of two-wheel competition in a fun setting.”

The Strider Adventure Zone will be located in the vendor area at Daytona International Speedway – near the main injector – and will open on race day, at 2 p.m.

The first Strider Children’s Area and Strider Racing will kick off March 16 during Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Fla. on a new TT circuit under the bright lights inside Daytona International Speedway. Other race cities include Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Red Mile, KY; Sturgis, SD; Williams Grove, PA; Rolling Hills, NY; and Perris, CA.The Children’s Area will open on Saturday of each race weekend, with the exception of Daytona, where the Strider Adventure Zone will open at 2:00pm, Thursday, March 16th.

The Adventure Zone gives kids 18 months to five years old a chance to test ride a Strider balance bike, play with other kids, and develop balance and coordination in a custom designed area. This safe and friendly environment encourages kids to explore mobility on two wheels and experience the challenge and thrill of riding a Strider on unique terrains and obstacles. Bikes and helmets will be provided. Admission is free for the American Flat Track Races to children under the age of twelve. Admission may be charged for adults at some of the events, and the hours of the festival area are 2:00pm-6:30pm.

About Strider Sports International, Inc.
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Rapid City, SD, Strider Sports designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes for children as young as 18 months, as well as for older riders with special needs. Strider’s mission is to simplify a bike to its essence, so proper size, weight, and simplicity combine to eliminate any fear of riding and instill confidence in the rider. Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help children as young as 18 months learn to ride effectively on two wheels. Strider also manufactures balance bikes for individuals with special needs and for seniors wanting to stay active later in life. The patented Strider Balance Bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. Strider Bikes are now distributed in more than 75 countries worldwide. In 2015, Strider sold its one-millionth bike. To learn more and to find a retailer in your area, visit www.StriderBikes.com, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

About American Flat Track
American Flat Track is the world’s premier dirt track motorcycle racing series and one of the longest-running championships in the history of motorsports. Sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing in Daytona Beach, Fla., the series is highly regarded as the most competitive form of dirt track motorcycle racing on the globe. For more information on American Flat Track, please visit http://www.americanflattrack.com, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, live stream the events at FansChoice.tv and catch all the American Flat Track racing action on NBCSN.

Results, and Photos from the 2016 Strider Cup World Championship Presented by FedEx – San Francisco


Thank You Soooo much for coming out to the 2016 Strider Cup World Championship!

What a great finish to the US 2016 Strider Cup racing season! With stops in Lincoln, Nebraska, Salt Lake City, Utah, Spokane, Washington, and finally our Strider Cup World Championship in San Francisco, California it was definitely a year to remember!

The Strider Cup World Championship on San Francisco’s Pier 35 (right next to Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 39) was an amazing event! The venue had the advantage of being covered, but with the large garage doors open felt like you were on the water with beautiful San Francisco vistas. With a total of 302 Strider racers it was the largest race we’ve ever held. Nine different countries participated with the largest groups from Japan (25) and Equador (15).

Our hopes and goals for this race was simple, to give riders (of all abilities) an enjoyable weekend! Hopefully, your Strider rider will remember the camaraderie, fun race competition, and continue to gain confidence on their Strider Bikes!

We’re already in the planning stages for 2017! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to get the latest news.

Photos are available on our Flickr page: Friday Practice Photos, Saturday Race Photos

News Coverage: KTVU 2, SFGate

A HUGE shout out to FedEx, our presenting sponsor, and our class sponsors; Yelp, Camelbak, Clover Stornetta Farms, Kidz Gear, and Golden Gate Urgent Care!


results from each “A main” race:


  • 1#224 Miku Shiozawa – Aichi-Ken, Japan
  • 2#263 Logan Rodriguez – Tracy, CA
  • 3#284 Ryden “Ry Ry” Morgan – West Valley City, UT
  • 4#240 Andrew “Fireball” Croskery – Belmont, CA
  • 5#247 Malek “Coco” Faraj – Mission Viejo, CA
  • 6#205 Noah Jones – San Mateo, CA
  • 7#223 Hudson Nye – Chico, CA
  • 8#249 Dixon Zhu – San Francisco, CA
  • 9#206 Bates Binaoro – Hercules, CA
  • 10#217 Kai Murayama – Aichi Okazaki-Shi, Japan


3 Year old CLASS – TOTAL RIDERS = 94

  • 1#322 Kei Murayama – Aichi Okazaki-Shi, Japan
  • 2#320 Emilio Alejandro Perez Fernandez – Puyo, Ecuador
  • 3#385 Mason Antell – San Francisco, CA
  • 4#324 Anthony “Suco” Contreras – Puyo, Ecuador
  • 5#380 Aidyn “A-Train” Low-Blythe – Fairfield, CA
  • 6#307 Lily Mae Christiansen – Bay Point, CA
  • 7#315 Jaxson “Jax” Boehme – Napa, CA
  • 8#345 Rory Lee – Capitola, CA
  • 9#314 Harrison Burns – San Bruno, CA
  • 10#393 Seth Postier – San Jose, CA
  • 11#382 Mason Davis – Santa Cruz, CA


4 Year old CLASS – TOTAL RIDERS = 55

  • 1#415 Waku Kunitate – Tokyo, Japan
  • 2#413 Sota Suzuki – Anjyo, Japan
  • 3#406 Yamato Ogata – Higashioumi-Shi, Japan
  • 4#410 Ruka Izumitani – Inazawa, Japan
  • 5#448 Jose Martin Benavides Paredes – Quito, Ecuador
  • 6#416 Daijiro Wakida – Tokyo, Japan
  • 7#452 Cade “Cade Man” Myers – Winters, CA
  • 8#405 Diego Salinas – Fremont, CA
  • 9#409 Tomas “Hammer” Escobar Mesa – Sabaneta-Antioquia, Colombia


5 year old CLASS – TOTAL RIDERS = 39

  • 1#512 Ao “Aosan” Yamashita – Osaka, Japan
  • 2#520 Kuuto Kitazawa – Tokyo, Japan
  • 3#510 Teruya “Teru” Kouda – Nara, Japan
  • 4#511 Sawa “Sawa-san” Ishimaru – Osaka, Japan
  • 5#502 Makoto Goriki – Aichi, Japan
  • 6#523 Sora Shiozawa – Aichi-Ken, Japan
  • 7#503 Rui Ishimoto – Nishinomiya-shi, Japan
  • 8#514 Namiki Takao – Nara Ikoma, Japan
  • 9#515 Shoma Sano – Aichi Toyoake-shi, Japan


Special needs 12″ Strider Class – TOTAL RIDERS = 3

  • 1#902 Miles Robinson – San Jose, CA
  • 2#905 Juniper Naim – San Jose, CA
  • 3#903 Katie Kang – San Jose, CA
  • 4#901 Sanchit Sharma – Sunnyvale, CA


Special Needs 16″/20″ Strider CLASS – TOTAL RIDERS = 5

  • 1#914 Marissa Erickson – Alameda, CA
  • 2#900 Jason Toy – San Francisco, CA
  • 3#911 Bill Dickson – San Lorenzo
  • 4#901 Sanchit Sharma – Sunnyvale, CA
  • 5#910 Jake Silva – San Bruno, CA