"From Playpen to Playground"

At Strider Sports we read scientific reports so you don’t have to! As a ‘Preferred Vendor’ with Head Start Body Start we were forwarded a research paper From Playpen to Playground — the Importance of Physical Play for the Motor Development of Young Children by Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith. (Please refer to the Bibliography on hyperlink for quoted materials)  The paper is not linked to Strider in any way, but the findings clearly point to the benefits of play in all the ways that a Strider excels in.

The paper is a fascinating (20 page) look at how a “sedentary play style in the early years is likely to lead to an overall sedentary lifestyle; that is, inactive preschoolers are highly likely to become inactive adults” (Reilly & Jackson 2004)

Play enhances attention, memory, self-regulation, and overall academic achievement throughout childhood”(Castelli, et. al., 2007)  Trawick-Smith didn’t write this paper with Strider in mind, but the research kept pointing to the importance of “moveable play equipment, such as riding toys…the message to teachers is clear: Inspire children to move, to move with vigor and to keep moving for significant periods of time each day.”

Some other take aways from the article are:

1. A challenging, engaging play environment will acquire more intellectually advanced and varied play activities. (Doctoroff, 2001)

2. Parents used twice as many verbalizations and 10 times as many communicative gestures when playing…than when reading stories to them.(Namy, Acredolo, &Goodwyn, 2000)

3. Studies confirm that active play is vital to cognitive development in preschool-age children and that poor motor development can actually inhibit academic learning. (Trawick-Smith, 2010)

4. Begin Motor Play Early, Make Movement Enjoyable, Insure that play is vigorous and prolonged, Integrate movement throughout the day.

5. Send Play Outdoors: Countless studies have shown that outdoor play from birth to age five produces developmental outcomes that simply can’t be achieved indoors.  Outdoor play should be active play.

6. One study found a strong association between the number of natural features in a play environment (e.g., grass, trees, hills, running water) and the activity level of Children. (Fjørtoft, 2004)

All of the highlights from Dr. Trawick-Smith point back to the many benefits a Strider PREbike will have for your child.  At Strider we are enthusiastic about a lot of things; Active Play, Adventure, Fitness, Inspiring the next generation of bicyclists, and Encouraging families to explore in the Great Outdoors together, just to name a few!

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Strider Skills: the Bunny Hop

Hope all our Strider family had a great Easter.  We’ve had bunnies and Striders on our minds so we thought it would be a good time to introduce a more advanced Strider skill: the Bunny Hop!

This guy could bunny hop over a child on a Strider!

Bunny Hop -n: a jump executed by a person riding a bicycle Strider and standing up on the pedals launch pad footrests.

I had to altar the definition a bit to fit with Strider, but the concept is the same for a Strider as with a pedal-bike.  The lightness of a Strider along with the launch pads make it easy for toddlers to get off the ground with their bikes, whether they are adding a little extra hang time off of a ramp or bunny hopping on flat land.

Hippity-Hoppity, Hippity-Hoppity, Look at Bode Hop!

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Strider Twins After a Month!

We were recently sent a video of some Oregonian 2 1/2 year old twin boys showing their Strider skills.  After less than a month of riding they are feeling comfortable on their Striders and cruising down some hills at the local track!

This is a great example of how easy it is to move from standing and walking to more advanced Stridering skills.

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