South Dakota Special Olympics Adventure Zone


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STRIDER Bikes had the opportunity this weekend to show our support for South Dakota Special Olympics and gave a few kids the opportunity to ride on two wheels for the first time! We had athletes and siblings alike checking out the Adventure Zone and trying out the STRIDER Super 16 and ST-4. We couldn’t be more excited to spread the word about the benefits the STRIDER No Pedal Balance Bike has on children of all abilities, including early childhood development, kids just learning to ride, and children with Low Muscle Tone and Special Needs to name a few.


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Strider as Therapy…Great Review

We love getting Strider success stories from parents.  We really love Strider success stories from parents who have been able to use their Striders as therapy.  Below is a testimonial we got from Kelly this week.

I have a 4 ½ year-old son.  He started on the Strider at 24 months.  He took to it immediately.  He can now ride a bike without training wheels.  This is a typical story for a Strider rider.  However, my son is not a typical child.  He has Sensory Integration Dysfunction.  His weaknesses are specifically in gross motor skills and gross motor planning.  His physical and occupational therapists said that most kids at his level are not able to master riding a bike until at least 7 if not older.  The Strider allowed him to separate the skills of balancing and pedaling so that he could concentrate on only one at a time.  In addition, they said that most kids, and especially those with Sensory Integration Dysfunction, crave fast movement.  It is something that allows them to develop a sense of where they are in space which strengthens the mind so that it can develop so many other gross motor skills, such as balance.  The Strider definitely allows children to experience fast movement and practice their balancing skills.  In addition, to all of this it is a great confidence booster for children.  When people see them at the park and marvel at their ability to master riding a bike at such a young age, they just beam.  There is nothing more important than a child’s self-esteem, if they have that they can do anything!


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