Toddlers to Blaze New Trails at Pump Track World Championship

Toddlers to Blaze New Trails at Pump Track World Championship

Two-wheeling wunderkinds among first to ride new Runway Bike Park at The Jones Center


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Rapid City, S.D.. (Oct. 3, 2018) – The opening ribbon will soon be cut at The Jones Center’s new Runway Bike Park in Springdale, Arkansas. The first major event at North America’s largest pump track will be the Pump Track World Championship Final on Oct. 13, but the first wheels lining up at the start ramp will be toddlers on their Strider Balance Bikes

Before professionals arriving from around the world for the World Championship, residents from the Springdale community will put their two-wheeling skills to the test on Oct. 10 from 3 – 6 p.m. Children competing against the clock will range from 3 to 6 years old, all defying what was once thought possible for balance and coordination by riders of their size and age. Space is limited to 32 total participants, with each getting a unique opportunity to interact with professional riders for one-on-one coaching sessions.


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Toddler race and play experiences continue through the weekend culminating with the Pump Track World Championship Final on Oct.13. Opportunities for riders ages 6-and-under abound as Strider Bikes will offer additional riding opportunities at the Jones Center. The activities include an Adventure Zone for children as young as 18 months and a 14x Experience, designed to introduce pedaling without the need for training wheels to children as young as 3 years old.

The Jones Center continues their commitment to an active, two-wheeling community through their purchase of 14, Strider 14x Sport Bikes to be used as part of their recreational programming. These bikes will be utilized by the Jones Center to instruct young riders how to safely and independently ride, fostering a skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. 




Strider creates and inspires future generations of riders by giving children as young as six months old the best first-bike experience. Strider Bikes revolutionized the bike’s design to develop a child’s balance first and pairs each balance bike with a proven learn-to-ride process. Children across the globe are starting on a Strider Bike and becoming two-wheeling virtuosos – before they’re out of diapers.

Founded in 2007, in Rapid City, South Dakota, Strider has sold more than 2 million bikes and is distributed in more than 75 countries. Visit www.StriderBikes.com, Facebook or Instagram.



Opened in 1995 as a gift to the NWA region from philanthropist Bernice Jones, The Jones Center is a unique recreation and education center located in downtown Springdale. This premier facility is known for its high-quality, low-cost recreation services, innovative youth programming and affordable community meeting/conference space. The facility includes two indoor swimming pools, an indoor ice rink, world-class bike park, gymnasium, fitness center, conference center, auditorium/chapel and numerous classrooms.

News and Prep for Strider Cup World Championship


Are you ready for the 2017 Strider Cup World Championship on July 21-22 in Salt Lake City? Below are some news and tips for last-minute prep! Racers are coming from across the U.S., as well as more than 40 competitors from nine countries; China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Japan, Russia, Tahiti, Taiwan, Thailand and Canada.


Dannon Donation to Head Start Utah

The Dannon Company, part of DanoneWave, partnered with Strider to give away 50 Strider Balance Bikes and helmets to Salt Lake City youth through Head Start Utah. Representatives from Head Start picked up the 50 new bikes and helmets at Dannon’s West Jordan, Utah, plant on Monday, July 10.

Head Start Utah will be giving the Strider Bikes, helmets and a free race entry to children for the Strider Cup World Championship July 21-22. July 10 as part of the global Danone Day celebrations where Danone employees give back to their communities. 

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Packet Pick-up Reminder

Friday packet pick-up is mandatory. It will include a bike inspection, and time to ask staff any last-minute questions. The last chance to register online is Thursday, July 20 by 5:00 PM MST. Parking validations can be obtained at the packet pick-up booths. The Gateway has recommended using the “North” garage located at 400 W between 100 S and S Temple. We’ll also have a free Strider Adventure Zone on Friday for local children age 2-5 and registered racers.


Salt Lake Magazine Feature

Did you see the cool article in Salt Lake Magazine: Stride Right: Tots Take Balance Bikes to the Next Level? The Hewett’s have three children who plan to attend; 5-year-old Hawk, 3-year-old Lincoln and 2-year-old Cozette. Hawk raced in 2015 and 2016, and Lincoln raced last year.

In the article, their dad, Justin, shared, “The independence has given my kids a lot of confidence that they can do other things,” he says. “It’s part of who Hawk is, his bike. It’s a big part of his identity.”


Youngest Racer and Cousins Ready to Race

The youngest registered racer so far is 19-month-old Xarin Galindo of West Jordan, Utah. Several families from nearby Ogden are participating, include cousins Weston Storey, Porter Dayton and Shyanne Anderson (pictured below). Weston’s mother Shannon Storey found out about the race and signed them all up. She said they, “have had their bikes for a while now and love them. They all have big personalities and are very excited about the event.”

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Special Needs Racers Raring to Go

The racers in the Special Needs class are in their final training sessions, including several athletes from the Jimmy’s Jaguars and the Brighty Bears Special Olympics teams who raced last year. They’ll be showing off their improved skills on the 12” models, as well as Strider’s larger 16” and 20” balance bikes, which the company launched in 2014 specifically for the special needs community.

Many new racers have been training with Monti Poulson, a special education teacher who received bikes last year from a Select 25 Grant from Select Health, the insurance arm of Intermountain Healthcare. Monti started her school’s first bike program and has encouraged over 40 people with disabilities to learn to ride. More than a dozen will participate in the upcoming event. Intermountain LDS Hospital was a Class Sponsor at last year’s Strider Cup Race, and is a Class Sponsor for both the two- and three-year-old riders at this year’s Strider Cup World Championship. More details are in this blog: Strider Sparks Special Education Teacher into Action

Kyrie, pictured below, raced last year and is excited about this year’s race!

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Lincoln Twins Embrace Friendly Competition

Bombeck boys lower res

Collin and Graham Bombeck of Lincoln, Nebraska, were about 18 months old when their father, Derek, bought them Strider Bikes. The 3-year-old twins raced their bikes last year, and are planning to show off their improved skills at the 2017 Strider Cup Race sponsored by Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers on June 10, this year held at Tower Square (details at www.striderbikes.com/lincoln).

“It has been very interesting to watch them progress on their Strider Bikes,” said Derek. “They were very timid at first and have now gained a lot of balance, coordination and confidence. No matter how fast they get going down hills, they always seem to be in control and know how to safely slow down.”

Derek added, “Having twin boys makes everything a competition or race. They compete with one another in everything – from putting on their clothes to finishing their meals. Their Strider Bikes offer a constructive way for them to race while burning energy and having fun. A little competition is a good thing and it makes them each want to get better and faster for the next time.”

Collin and Graham sparked enthusiasm in their neighborhood for the Strider Bikes. After seeing the boys progress and balance, some neighbors were so impressed they bought bikes for their kids. 

As the Sales Development Manager at the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau, Derek knew about the Strider Cup Race many months beforehand. He was very impressed with how professionally the race was organized and run.

“It was an amazing, fun and kid-friendly event for the families. What blew me away was all of the detail that the Strider team put into setting up the course, as well as the production of the event. It was first class.”

“I’m sure we’ll have even more families this year,” he added. “The thing I heard most was how people wished they would have gotten their kids in the event. After seeing the news and reading about it in the papers, families were hoping it would come back this year.”

Since the twins don’t understand the concept of time, Derek hasn’t told his them about this year’s race yet, “or they would constantly be asking if the race is today or tomorrow.”

“I’m sure they’ll be excited to get new shirts, as they still refer to last year’s shirts as their ‘cool’ shirts and always want to wear them. The medals and the bell attachments that they received were also pretty huge for them.”

You never know what cool item will be in the racer goodie bags!

Houston Pals Headed to Fort Worth Strider Cup Race

Tyson.Roman standing.lower res

Meet Tyson and Roman, a.k.a. “TyRo.” They’re best buds who share a passion for biking. At just 2 years old, Tyson enlightened his pal Roman about how fun it is to ride and race Strider Balance Bikes. (in photo, Tyson is on left, Roman on right)

The two friends from Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston, first met at daycare when they were one year olds. They’re excited about heading to Fort Worth for the Strider Cup Race on May 6.  “TyRo” are often overheard by their teachers at school having fragmented conversations about bikes and going to the dirt track. 

Tyson’s dad is an avid mountain biker and began his balance bike research early on so that he and Tyson could share a hobby. They chose a Strider Bike because it was lightweight and had the smallest inseam so Tyson could start riding at 18 months old.

Recently, his proud dad created a video of his first mountain bike trail ride. If you don’t smile during these 60 seconds, you may want to have your lips checked. Tyson is riding ladder obstacles that some adults would skip. Impressive! Video of Tyson’s First MTB Ride

“Riding the Strider Bike has been a huge confidence booster to an otherwise shy kid,” said Tyson’s mom Stella. “It’s also helped him pick up riding a scooter almost instantly and it has improved his balance and agility. He was able to skip training wheels and go straight to a pedal bike a few months after he turned two!”

Besides mountain bike trails, Stella said Tyson rides his Strider Bike, “in malls, parks, the zoo, skate parks – pretty much anywhere until someone tells us to stop.” When he wants to go to the local BMX track in Pearland, he says, “Mommy! Go burt (dirt) track with Roman? I go fast.”

Roman is also two years old, born just nine days apart from Tyson. Roman’s mom, Suzanne, said she bought him a Strider Bike just shy of his second birthday because of its reputation, recommendation and how quickly he took to it after test driving Tyson’s.

“Roman has always been quite agile, and the Strider Bike has helped him further refine his agility and increase his speed,” said Suzanne. “He rides around the neighborhood, on local trails, at the BMX park and even inside the house.”

As soon as Roman wakes up, he asks, “Ride bike please?”

Sounds like a good morning mantra.

Roman and Tyson from back

Pittsburgh Strider Balance Bike Racer Raring to Go

Jackson B. from Pittsburgh is raring to go for his hometown Strider Cup Race in Pittsburgh on May 27.

Jackson’s mother, Donata, heard about Strider Balance Bikes from customers who came into the children’s second-hand store where she works. She also asked other moms via social media for recommendations on which brand/style balance bike to buy for his 3rd birthday at the end of January. The Strider Bike was the top choice.Jackson B final.lower res

“We bought the Strider Bike because we wanted him to be able to participate in the race,” she added. “We also liked that the bike went up to age 5 so he can get years of use, not just few months.”

Riding his Strider Bike in the last month has helped the speedy Jackson learn to pace himself.

“Jackson is naturally athletic and coordinated, but often so fast that he gets ahead of himself,” said Donata. “It’s taught him to slow down and learn how to ride without getting impatient. Not having pedals is teaching him how to steer the bike easier.”

“Overall the bike is really teaching him balance and independence, as well as focus and not getting so hyper and frustrated with riding.”

Jackson likes to hop on his Strider Bike every day, whether it’s riding circles inside the house, at a nearby park or around the neighborhood. Donata said they will, “try out the local dirt bike park this spring, and are very excited to be participating in the race.”

A young lad with succinct words, Jackson simply says “I love my bike,” when talking about his Strider.

We’ve heard that before … have you? 

Canadian Strider Racers Headed to Pittsburgh

So far, two Canadian kids are signed up for the Strider Cup Race in Pittsburgh on May 27. One is driving more than 9 hours to compete on his Strider Balance Bike. How cool is that! The delicious Pittsburgh perogies aren’t the only reason they’re coming. These two are excited to see how their skills match up with young ones in the Northeast United States.

Riding helps Lucas’ eyes

Lucas G. is registered to compete in the 2-year-old class, and is traveling from Wasaga Beach, Ontario, for the event.lucas2

He received his Strider Bike when he was just 16 months old. His mother Stephanie said, “We chose a Strider Bike because we liked the way the bike was made and the different accessory offerings. They had Kawasaki green, so we knew it was a right fit.”

Lucas rides his Strider Bike at the Wasaga Beach BMX Park and around the neighborhood in warmer temperatures. During the winter months, his parents set up a little course in their basement to help the active tot burn off energy – and practice his skills.

“Riding has helped improve his balance, and also his eyesight,” said Stephanie. “Lucas has had glasses since he was one year old. We feel like the riding has helped him focus and his eyes are getting better.”

What does Lucas say about his Strider Bike? Stephanie shared, “He always wants to ride and says ‘let’s do dirt jumps.’”

So do we!

Strider is “the coolest”

Four-year-old Jared C. from Espanola, ON, received his Strider Bike on his 2nd birthday and says his Strider Bike, “is the coolest.” We agree.

His mother, Felicia C., said, “when I bought him his Strider Bike, all he wanted to do was ride to the park and places and around the house.”

“It’s helped him with his balance,” she added. “He even started riding a two-wheeled pedal bike at three years old, without using training wheels.”Jared Creaser lower res

Asked why she chose a Strider Bike over other brands, Jared’s mom Felicia C. said, “I decided to buy a Strider Bike because I liked the design, how light it was and just the overall set up and attachments you could get.”

The Canadian winters don’t slow down Jared. He rides through the snow with his ski attachment. His family is used to driving for track time. In the winter, they sometimes travel six hours to the Rock City Indoor BMX track in Greenville, MI. In the summer, Jared races at the Milton BMX track in Ontario, a 5-hour drive.

Jared’s family will be traveling more than nine hours to Pittsburgh for the race. They’re also planning to go to the Strider Cup Race in Lincoln, NE, on June 11, and possibly the 2017 Strider Cup World Championship in Salt Lake City on July 21-22.

Now that’s dedication.

More info on the race is at www.striderbikes.com/pittsburgh

Race Car Driver’s Son Pumped Up for Strider Cup Race Series

When your dad drives a race car and you see how much fun he has on the track, wouldn’t you be excited to get on your race face and compete? Pasha Ali just turned three years old, and is pumped up for the Strider Cup Race Series, which kicks off in Fort Worth, Texas, on May 6. He’s already practicing his “Winner’s Dance.”

Pasha’s father, Nur Ali, has 19 years of racing under his belt. He raced for Team Pakistan in A1 Grand Prix – World Cup of Motorsport, captured two Legends Car Championships, and two Formula Mazda Championships. Nur has competed in twelve countries on five continents, as well as in select NASCAR Xfinity Series and ARCA Racing Series races. He now races in the Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRC) Series.Pasha Ali 1 lower res

Nur first learned about balance bikes while surfing online and fell in love with the concept. After purchasing a balance bike when Pasha turned two years old, Nur went online to look for a racing series for balance bikes. He was impressed with how quickly Pasha progressed and knew if he found a series for Pasha to race in, that would accelerate his skills.

He came across Strider Bikes and the Strider Cup Racing series and said, “Imagine my excitement at that point; I told my wife, my sports agent, my brother and my parents about it and bought him a Strider bike.”

Riding his Strider Bike has helped Pasha improve his balance, coordination and develop quicker reflexes. With Nur’s motorsports background, he has been able to guide him on his balance bike and get him up to speed with things he’s learned over the years of being a race car driver.

Pasha loves his Strider Bike so much that he is constantly asking Nur to race him by running behind him. He says that he wants to be the 2017 Strider Cup Champion. Pasha takes one of Nur’s trophies and does a mock race inside the house. When he “wins” over Nur, he takes the trophy, climbs the staircase in the house to the top step and uses it as his own “winner’s podium”. He takes the trophy and raises it over his head and does the “Winner Dance”; what the family calls his celebratory gig.

He spent the entire 2015 Red Bull GRC race season and partial 2016 Red Bull GRC race season at the track with Nur, and he loves watching the racing on his tablet.

The Ali family is planning to travel to all four Strider Cup races this year; Fort Worth, TX, on May 6, Pittsburgh, PA, on May 27, Lincoln, NE, on June 11 and the championships in Salt Lake City on July 21-22.

Pasha, who is also known as a fashion model with a Texas PR agency, usually rides his bike in the neighborhood, local parks, and the golf course behind his house. The Ali family is also planning to go to some local BMX bike tracks to practice for the upcoming series.

“I’m very excited about this season for both of us, as this is the year both father and son race in the same calendar year; he in the Strider Cup and myself in Red Bull GRC series,” said Nur. “I’ve also got my sports agent working on possibly picking up a sponsorship for Pasha. That would be pretty cool!”

Details on the Strider Cup Series and other Strider events are at striderbikes.com/events. More info on Nur Ali Motorsports is at nurali.com

First Toddler Balance Bike Race Set for June 11 in Lincoln

LincolnFB Ad

2016 Strider Cup Series features family-friendly activities

Rapid City, SD (May 17, 2016) — Strider Bikes, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of children’s no-pedal balance bikes, is kicking off its 2016 Strider Cup Series with the Strider Cup Race presented by Raising Cane’s on June 11 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Many of the registered toddlers are from Lincoln, Omaha and the surrounding area, however racers from around the country are making the trek to vie for a podium finish, including toddlers from Florida, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada.


The June 11 race in Lincoln is the first of three events in the national Strider Cup racing series for toddlers and children. These family-friendly races are for the tiniest competitors and will give small children a chance to put their Strider Balance Bike skills to the test. The event includes races for 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds. Registration fee is $25 onlinebefore June 8 or $35 on-site. Racers will receive a Strider jersey, number plate for their bike and a goodie bag valued at more than $50 with their registration Pre-registration is open at https://www.striderbikes.com/lincoln.

A typical Strider race scene features hundreds of excited and proud young parents and grandparents eagerly encouraging their young racers while ringing bright yellow cowbells as the starting gate drops. Toddlers, some still in diapers, lean forward, kick their short legs, and embark upon their 600-foot plus journey over obstacles such as dirt mounds and wooden ramps. All racers are treated to a celebratory podium award ceremony immediately following their main race, where they will receive either a trophy or a medal and pose for the cheering crowd.


On April 17, the Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers® franchise in Lincoln, Nebraska, teamed up with Strider to give away 120 Strider Bikes to local youth, including over 50 bikes to the children and families at the Montessori School for Young Children in Lincoln. Several of those recipients are expected to participate in the June 11 Strider Cup Race.


The Strider Cup events also include races for athletes with special needs in conjunction with the Special Olympics program in each city. In Lincoln, 24 Special Olympics athletes received Strider Bikes and are learning to ride for the June 11 race. These athletes will race the 12” models, as well as Strider’s new, larger 16” and 20” balance bikes, which the company launched in 2014 specifically for the special needs community. Strider has waived the registration fee for riders with special needs.


Upcoming Strider Cup races are slated for June 25 in Salt Lake City, Utah and July 9 in Spokane, WA. Participating in any of these events automatically qualifies the rider for the Strider Cup World Championship, July 29-30 at Pier 35 in San Francisco, California. The Strider event page, https://www.striderbikes.com/events has more information on all of the races.


About Strider Sports International, Inc.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Rapid City, SD, Strider Sports designs efficient, no-pedal balance bikes for children as young as 18 months, as well as for older riders with special needs.  Strider’s mission is to simplify a bike to its essence, so proper size, weight, and simplicity combine to eliminate any fear of riding and instill confidence in the rider. Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes are industry-leading training bikes that help children as young as 18 months learn to ride effectively on two wheels. Strider also manufactures balance bikes for individuals with special needs and for seniors wanting to stay active later in life. The patented Strider Balance Bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. Strider Bikes are now distributed in more than 75 countries worldwide. In 2015, Strider sold its one-millionth bike. To learn more and to find a retailer in your area, visit www.StriderBikes.com, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


About Raising Cane’s & Southern Hospitality Ventures

The Lincoln and Grand Island franchise—Southern Hospitality Ventures—was opened in 2006 by Justin and Jennifer Jones, who moved to Nebraska from Baton Rouge, LA. Since opening their first location, they have set out to make a change in their restaurants’ communities by becoming leaders and supporting programs and opportunities such as this one. Since opening in 2006, the Lincoln franchise has given back over $1 million to the Lincoln community.

Raising Cane’s has ONE LOVE®— quality chicken finger meals —and focuses its menu offering on fresh, made-to-order chicken fingers paired with their homemade Cane’s Sauce, grilled Texas toast, creamy coleslaw and crinkle-cut French fries. facebook.com/CanesNebraska, twitter.com/CanesLincoln, raisingcanes.com

Japanese Brothers First Entries for Lincoln Strider Cup!


The Tanaka family is traveling over 500 miles to race in the first Strider Cup race of the season!

The first Strider Cup entrants for the Lincoln, NE, race on June 11 are 4-year-old Shugo Tanaka (pictured at left) and his 2-year-old brother Moriya, signed up by their dad Mitsuo. The Tanaka family moved to the U.S. from Japan last fall and live in Wisconsin, where Mitsuo works as a mechanical engineer in Watertown.

Mitsuo first heard about Strider Bikes a few years ago and said, “Strider is popular in Japan. Many races of Strider Bikes were held near my house in Japan. Many kids are involved with the Strider team in Japan.”

Both boys started on Strider Bikes at two years old. While Shugo is a veteran with seven races under his belt, the Lincoln race will be Moriya’s first Strider competition. The family didn’t make it to the 2015 Strider World Championship last year in Rapid City, SD, but are planning to go to San Francisco this year for the 2016 Strider Cup World Championship on July 29-30.

When asked what the boys like most about their Strider Bikes, Mitsuo replied, “Speeding.” We’re not surprised.

We can’t wait to see their smiles at the Lincoln Strider Cup race on June 11!

For more info and to register, visit www.StriderBikes.com/lincoln