STRIDER Track Highlight: Eagle Foothills BMX


Not too far from Boise, you’ll find the sports oriented town of Eagle, Idaho! Eagle Foothills BMX is located On the edge of town at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountains. If you’re in the area and haven’t checked it out with your STRIDER rider, you should…the track is always open! 

1. Eagle Foothills BMX: 11800 Horseshoe Bend Road, Eagle, Idaho  83616Track Operator: Ed Newgen, 208-901-5143 efbmx@cableone.net  Eagle Foothills BMX on Facebook

2. Race Day: Tuesday Sign-ups: 5:30pm-6:30pm Racing: ASAP   Practice Day: Whenever, the track is always open.

3. www.eaglefoothillsbmx.com

4. STRIDER race/practice fee? No fees for non-point races, $5 race fee for point races. Practice is free and always open!

5. Why did you build a STRIDER track? So the younger riders would have an activity at the races. The regular track is very long and developed so this gives the toddlers an alternative area to develop skills and not be in danger of not being seen by the older riders.

6. The track was completed in 2010 and took about a 1/2 day to build. Unsure what the costs were because it was built at the same time as the new main track.

7. Space and Materials? Plot Size: 40 x 150, Yards of dirt: 40

8. Track Layout? Total course length: 200 feet, Starting hill width: 10 ft (on the list to be widened), Straightaway width: 12 feet. The track consists of rollers, 3 jumps (3-4 ft high), and 1 berm at the turn around.

9. Special Features: It sits within the main track

10. Overall Experience: The STRIDER program seems to be growing more and more every year. We are developing new riders and the 5 novie class has been expanded as riders have moved up.

11. Special Events: Olympic Day, Race for Life, Redline Cup Qualifier, State Championship Qualifier 

Looking for additional ideas to build a STRIDER track at your course? Check out some other STRIDER specific tracks! If you want to highlight your local track shoot me an email

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STRIDER Track Highlight: Hesperia BMX



Hesperia BMX in California has the newest STRIDER specific course in the USA BMX world. If you’re in the area and you haven’t checked out the STRIDER action at Hesperia BMX go see waht it’s all about! 

Their practice/race schedule can be found on our website and more information on their track is below. Stride On! 

1. Hesperia BMX is located at 17501 Live Oak Street, Hesperia, CA 52345 and the track phone number is (760) 678-5792

2. The track operator is Dan Dalton and the track website is www.HesperiaBMX.com

3. We decided to put in a STRIDER track to help build the sport of BMX by including family members of all ages. This gives them a safe track to ride without interfering with the full track operation.


4. The track is 175 ft. long with 6 obstacles (rollers and tables)in the first straight and 5 in the back straight (complete with it’s own spectator tower.

5. Volunteers and track staff built the track in two days with the help of a Bobcat (daily rental)for the heavy lifting. A mixture of 50/50 dirt and clay was used to build the track, which is fenced in with snow fencing and STRIDER penants.

6. Hesperia BMX STRIDER Practice and Race times: Wednesdays Practice 5:30-7:00pm race to follow. Saturdays Practice 4:00-6:00pm race to follow.



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STRIDER Track Highlight: Akron BMX



We’ve been hearing good things from the “Buckeye State” so we sent them some questions to Akron BMX. They just got done building a sweet new main track and a STRIDER specific track for the youngest riders! If you’re in/near the Akron area stop by with your STRIDER riders! Maybe we’ll see some of their hot shots come down to Sarasota for the STRIDER World Championship

1. We are Akron BMX: Track location is 1000 Massillon Road Akron, Ohio The phone is 330-784-3777 We also have a dedicated Strider phone number which is 234-738-9795

2. The track operator is Don Hier, the Strider co-coordinator is Michaele Flickinger

3. We decided to build a STRIDER track so that anyone interested in BMX racing has the opportunity. We feel that BMX racing is a family event, and that STRIDER Riders are the future of BMX racing.

4. Our new STRIDER track is 160 ft. and is complete with a custom start gate!

5. It took us several hours to build the track, but we also used an excavator, Bobcat and rollers in the construction of the track.

6. The cost of the track to date has been $0.00. The dirt was donated from the City of Akron, and the gate and powder coating of the gate, would have cost $1,850.00, but has also been donated.

7. STRIDER riders have a great effect on the track, one of pride and accomplishment. All Strider riders at Akron receive their award on the podium. And trust me, when I say Brad Pitt doesn’t have as many flash bulbs going off as our Strider riders do when they accept their award. Our older riders help to groom and maintain the track, thus learning techniques to assist us on the main track. Parents who have children with special needs are watching their child excel, have fun, and do something they may have never dreamed possible for their child. And lastly but very important, Strider riders and their family’s have been embraced from all riders and family’s at Akron. This year 3 of the Strider’s from last year will now be racing on the main track.

8. STRIDER’s race on Sundays..Registration is 12:00-1:30 with their first moto at 1:45. They then race their main between the third set of moto and the main event on the main track Cost is $5.00 for races unless noted for special events. (i.e. State Race)

9. STRIDER Race Schedule for 2013: 4/28 5/5, 5/12,5/19. 6/2,6/8 (Saturday State Race) 6/9, 6/16. 6/22 (Olympic Day) 6/23, 6/30, 7/14,7/28, 8.18, 9/8, 9/15,9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3

Anything else: I will continue to keep you posted..Great things are happening at Akron BMX, and we are pleased to offer STRIDER racing at our track..We also have increased our Strider rental and now have 6 bikes available for rent as well.

akron awards


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STRIDER Track Highlight: Whittier Narrows BMX


Today’s blog post is a highlight of Whittier Narrows BMX in El Monte, CA. Our very own Greg and Liz Hill recently helped build a STRIDER track there. Here’s how you can do the same in their own words.

Liz and I approached Roland Leal of Whittier narrows BMX track with the idea of making a simple STRIDER track to attract the younger kids to his track. Most of them are already along for the ride to watch older brother or sister ride/race. Roland really liked the idea, and we’ve documented what can be made with a little effort and little money (we spent $200 on the bobcat) at your local track. You can create a STRIDER track that will give the younger siblings a chance to get hooked on BMX while the big guy’s can do their thing on the big track. It’s a very nice mix of both worlds watching both tracks being used at the same time. The younger generation will ultimately one day graduate to the big track. Putting smiles on kids at a young age and getting them hooked on 2 wheels sports is a great thing, for both the kids and parents..We hope you enjoy the pictures and if you by chance have any questions please feel from to contact Liz at lizh@striderbikes.com


Breaking ground, we had a bobcat for 3 hours to level the area out and make it ready for placing dirt for turns and obstacles.


 After we placed dirt for jumps and turns, we spent about 2 hours raking, packing and shaping. We had myself (Greg Hill) Jeremy Hill, Liz Hill, Mike Antis, Roland Leal  and a few others…



The start of lining the track with chalk, gotta make it look official!


Team Strider (Greg and Liz Hill): We placed banners and pennants to make it look official as you can see in the following pictures.It is very basic, but the kids absolutely love it!


The first round of Strider riders attack the track!


The STRIDER bikes get young kids out there and really connect with the parents in a very special way. Sometimes it’s hard to know who enjoys it more the kids or the parents…


Rider and Mom hitting up practice, Mom is playing the roll of coach here.

8The kids really liked practicing, they would size up each other and then make laps racing one another.



We did 4 man moto’s with the ol fashion voice/hand signal to start them off.


After giving all the kids the big high five, Greg gets ready to let em go!


Here we have the classic upgrade! Lil guy showed up on his heavy wood bike and rode off on a brand new Strider! =)


 This is what it’s all about right here, making the kids smile and giving them that feeling of being on top of the world!

Stride On!

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