Your Baby and Developmental Milestones – How Strider Can Help

Knowing the developmental milestones is important for every new parent – especially first-time parents. While every child develops individually, think of developmental milestones as a checklist of sorts and knowing what age your child should reach certain developmental milestones is important. This checklist represents things an average child can do around a particular age, although – and we can’t stress this enough – these milestones vary from child to child. Looking at the different milestones can help parents, doctors, and teachers understand how children typically develop and keep an eye out for any potential developmental issues.

There are four basic types of developmental milestones that health professionals and educators typically refer to.

Physical Milestones

Baby on Strider Baby BundlePhysical developmental milestones involve both large motor skills and fine motor skills. Large motor skills are usually the first to develop and include things like sitting up, standing, crawling, and walking. Fine motor skills include precise movements like grabbing a spoon, holding a crayon, drawing shapes, and picking up small objects (like the Duplos® on the floor that you’ll inevitably step on in the middle of the night and is the worst pain known to humans).

Cognitive Milestones

Cognitive milestones are centered on your child’s ability to think, learn, and solve problems. An infant learning how to respond to facial expressions (peek-a-boo!) or a preschooler learning the alphabet are both examples of cognitive developmental milestones.

Social and Emotional Milestones

Social and emotional developmental milestones deal with how children understand their emotions and the emotions of others. These milestones also involve learning how to interact and play with other people.

Baby girl on Strider Baby BundleCommunication Milestones

Communication developmental milestones involve both language and nonverbal communication. Think about it like this: when a one-year-old learning how to say his/her first words (mom, dad, yes, no, bike, etc.) and a five-year-old learning some of the basic rules of grammar (“l want to ride my bike,” “Peas are gross,” “Can I eat dessert first?” etc.) are examples of communication developmental milestones.

So…why are we talking about this on a kids biking website? Well, it’s simple. We believe that riding a bike can help aid in reaching some of these developmental milestones. We’ve heard so many stories from parents around the globe about how learning how to ride a bike has helped their child develop core strength, gross motor skills, and confidence that we just can’t ignore it.

Rocking back and forth, sitting up by themselves, grabbing ahold of a bike’s handlebars, developing core muscles and spatial awareness, these are all things babies learn and love to do when they’re about 6 months old.

In fact, check out what the CDC says about 6-month-old babies and their physical developmental milestones:

  • Rolls over in both directions (front to back, back to front)
  • Begins to sit without support
  • When standing, supports weight on legs and might bounce
  • Rocks back and forth, sometimes crawling backward before moving forward

By nine months, the CDC lists the following physical developmental milestones:

  • Stands, holding on
  • Can get into sitting position
  • Sits without support
  • Pulls to stand
  • Crawls

By one year? Take a look at this:

  • Gets to a sitting position without help
  • Pulls up to stand, walks holding on to furniture (“cruising”)
  • May take a few steps without holding on
  • May stand alone

There are a lot of ways parents have tried to help their children reach and meet these developmental milestones like routines, therapy, baby boot camp (we totally made that last one up, but it wouldn’t surprise us). There’s totally a better, cooler, and fun way to help your child reach these milestones on their own terms.

The Strider Baby Bundle

Boy on Strider Pro and Baby Girl on Strider Baby Bundle

The Strider Baby Bundle hits all the tick marks when it comes to a tool that helps your baby develop at their own pace while still hitting all of these developmental milestones. The best part? Your baby has fun doing it. Having fun is what we’re all about…that and riding bikes.

Your little biscuit butt might not be able to sit upright at first, but as you introduce them to the Baby Bundle, they’ll develop those little core muscles enough to do it all on their own. Once they’re comfortable with sitting on the bike, grabbing the handlebars to hold on becomes second nature to them. Getting comfortable on the bike is a huge first step.

After they’ve become comfortable sitting on the bike and grasping the handlebars, eventually they’ll begin to rock back and forth.  The Strider Baby Bundle makes this natural but difficult to learn motion easy and fun. They’ll also probably begin laughing like crazy, too. Why? Because babies are hilarious.

Baby girl on Strider Baby BundleThe Strider Baby Bundle is aiding babies around the world in reaching these crucial developmental milestones. The best part? Once your little drool-meister has mastered the art of walking, just pop the Strider Sport or Pro out of the rocking base, and BAM! You’ve got the world’s best-selling balance bike for your tiny tot. You’ve basically got a baby rocker and a toddler bike all wrapped up in one amazingly functional package that lasts years, not months. How many baby toys out there can help with developmental milestones and last longer than a few months? Not many.

The development doesn’t stop after you’ve removed the bike either. Nope. Learning how to ride a bike at that age will help your toddler build muscles in their tiny legs, promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, and builds massive amounts of confidence in your kiddo that lasts for a lifetime.

Yes, it’s important to know when your child should be hitting certain developmental milestones. It’s also important to understand that every child develops at their own pace. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. There are a lot of things (routines, programs, baby toys, etc.) out there that might help your child in reaching their developmental milestones, but the Strider Baby Bundle is the only one that helps your child reach those milestones sooner while and building confidence…all while giving them years of fun.

Get the new baby in your life a Strider Baby Bundle today. They’ll thank you when they can talk.

Big Website Changes Are Coming and the Reintroduction of www.StriderLife.com

Website Changes and the Reintroduction of www.StriderLife.com

Strider LifeYou might have noticed some changes going on throughout our website. Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing….sorta.  Our team of web developers and designers are hard at work optimizing redesigning the website to create an experience worthy of the epicness that is Strider.  As we continue to make our website an amazing user experience, keep an eye out for things to come.  If you read the title, we’re also going to be bringing back Strider Life! You’ll have to stay tuned to see what big changes we’ve got in store for the completely redesigned Strider Life, but rest assured, it’ll be awesome.

The first step of our website redesign has been finished.  We’ve upgraded the footer of the website.  It’s new, sleek, and very pretty to look at.  The next step will be the header.  You can expect to see a new header and navigation in the coming weeks.

After those are finished, we’ll be hard at work redesigning our product pages and all of the other wonderful content pages on the website.  Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to purchase all of your favorite Strider Bikes and accessories from our website. That won’t change.  Updating the website has been a fun experience, and we can’t wait to show you the final product!

Some of you may remember Strider Life from back in the day.  Once the design of our website is finished, we’ll be updating and completely rehauling Strider Life into something totally spectacular.  While the original Strider Life was meant to be a forum where parents, grandparents, and families could all get together and share stories about their Strider riders, the new and improved Strider Life will take a completely different direction.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions for the new website? We’d love to hear from you!  Shoot us an email and tell us some of the things you’d like to see incorporated into the new design.  Thanks for reading and remember….STRIDE ON!

The Great Grandzoopula Run


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While walking along,

I came upon a peculiar sight.

I saw my friend riding around,

on a pedal-less bike.

RS653 boy with helmet 

How can I learn

to ride on a bike?

Do you think

it’s something I’ll like?


Learn on a Strider,

a bike without pedals!

Learn on a Strider,

and race for a medal!


There’s fun to be done

When riding your bike.

It’s much more fun

than riding a trike.


Because a Strider Bike

is the best way to learn

striding, riding, and biking

at every turn.


It’s easy, you’ll see!

Take one step,

two steps,

then step number three.

 RS2916 8 RobertsAugust

Ride up the ramps

and ride down the hills

past the Boozlebamps and Frampulabills.


You’ll be striding in no time,

funtastic and free.


Because a Strider Bike

is the best way to learn

striding, riding, and biking

at every turn.


Ride around hills,

mountains, and tracks.

Just be sure to make time

for a Snargunkle snack.


Your day isn’t over.

It’s only just begun.

Because now is the time

for the Grandzoopula Run!

 36160937865 5959677427 k

Kids all come

from lands far and wide,

to race and make friends

while learning to ride.


Everyone lines up,

with helmets on snug.

3, 2, 1 and GO!

Take off like a Zamperbanck Bug!


Speeding through turns,

you and new friends

bounce over bumps

and race to the end.

RS2877 8 1stPlaceAugust Wyse scr



After the race,

we all celebrate.

Racing is fun

and new friends are great.


Because a Strider Bike

is the best way to learn

striding, riding, and biking

at every turn.


5 ways to break in your new bike

So, you bought your baby a sweet new Strider Bike for Christmas and they just want to ride! Hopefully you’ve already put their bike together, registered it on our website, and are ready to watch them stride down the street. While you can’t wait to see your child take off down the sidewalk, going outside isn’t an immediate option. If your weather outside is downright frightful here are 5 simple tricks to breaking in your child’s new Strider Balance Bike that don’t require bundling up and putting on your snow boots:


1. Ride on a rocking base

The Strider Rocking Base transforms your child’s bike into a whole new toy. Originally made to help development and spark the riding relationship, this toy is for babies up to 18kg (40lbs). Even little ones who are becoming proficient at riding still love this rocking toy! Toddlers that are learning to ride will still enjoy rocking as they progress to riding down the road. The rocking base is a great way to let your child enjoy their bike inside. With no blinking lights or loud noises and with a soft rubber bottom that won’t scratch floors, the rocking base is a toy every parent will love. Not only does it keep the Strider Balance Bike accessible to kids while they play inside, it looks great in a living room. The Strider Bike and rocking base has a lower profile than most other rocking toys, making it less likely for you to trip over as well as giving it a sleeker appearance. Not to mention it’s a real bike instead of a fake horse, a toy every parent and child will want to be showing off. Add on the bragging rights of having your baby learn to ride their bike before they can walk and the rocking base is nothing but awesome!

strider boy on rocking base red strider


2. Ride inside

You may not be able to throw balls inside the house, but you could learn to ride a balance bike! Let your kiddo practice getting on and off their bike in the safety of their own living room. Getting used to their Strider Bike in a comfortable setting will help build their confidence in themselves and their ability on their new bike. The security they feel in their own home as well as the security they have with their feet on the ground will help take away any fear or tension they have about learning this new skill. The added benefit of carpet or a rug underneath them helps calm any fear of falling or losing their balance. However, be careful on smooth surfaced floors as they become more comfortable, although super fun to ride on, these floors can be slick for the puncture-proof tires as they turn. You won’t need much space as they practice getting on and off and walk over the bike, but if they are ready to take off you’ll want to open some space so they can safely practice without running into any coffee table corners.


3. Learn and practice skills

Learning to ride is more than just picking your feet up off the ground. Without having to face the weather outside, your little rider can practice turns, wheelies, and breaking in a small clear space in your home. You might need to help coach your little one on these tricks, but once they start they won’t want to stop! A great skill to practice is stopping with toes up. Besides keeping their little toes safe, it will also greatly help the life of their shoes! Let them move a little on the bike and direct them to stop or freeze whenever you say, “red light!” Make sure to check that their toes are pointed towards the ceiling. Another helpful skill to practice is stationary turns, have them practice carrying their bike and lifting the front wheel up to turn it in another direction or, by grabbing the back of the seat pivoting the back wheel. Don’t forget wheelies! Standing over the bike tell them to lift the handlebars up to get the front wheel off the ground, after a couple warm up tries see how high they can get the wheel then snap a photo (and share it with us)! These are excellent bike skills for toddlers that will help them when they encounter obstacles in the outdoors. Before you know it, they’ll be taking their tricks to the street.


Customizing a Strider Bike is part of the fun, and allows kids to make their bike interesting, cool, and unique…..just like they are.


4. Tune it up

RS14394 byronaugust scr

Perfecting the fit of their new Strider Balance Bike is key to comfort as well as ability. Make sure to adjust the seat for easy striding and easy dismounts. Often, once the seat is adjusted we encourage our children to start riding; however, it’s important that you don’t ignore the handlebars. The handlebars are just as important as the seat height to create proper posture and comfort for your little rider. A good comfortable grip through the arms will encourage longer rides, which ensures your little one can go the distance. You can also use this opportunity to introduce basic bike mechanics to your child. Turn the bike upside down so that it rests on the handlebars and seat. Explain the wheel bearings and the bushings that hold the handlebars in and allow them to turn. Let them practice taking a wheel on and off and spinning it while it’s free from friction. Allowing them to inspect and play with every part of the balance bike will help develop their relationship and understanding of their bike.


5. Spiff it up

Help your child make their Strider Bike their own! Add stickers for some temporary decoration or add colored grips, wheels, a bell, a light, anything! Customizing your child’s Strider Bike will really make it their own and encourage them to take care of their balance bike. Include their helmet in the customization process and add some stickers or reflective tape to it as well. This is a great time to talk to your child about always wearing their helmet and bright clothing as well as the benefits to having and using a bell!


When you’re ready to put those little heels up and get some wheels dirty, remember to encourage your little Strider rider: be the cheerleader not the coach! No matter how long they’ve been practicing in the house, they might find some frustration on the new surfaces outside. Continue encouraging them and watch as they beam with pride as they become more and more confidant in their riding abilities.

Save Christmas: Build Your Strider Bike Today

RS17886 TreePanorama scr

Is there a Strider Bike box anxiously waiting to be unwrapped in your house? Go ahead, unwrap it! It’s ok, really, we want you to!


The anticipation has been building up for weeks, it’s finally time to unwrap the presents you’ve selected so carefully. Your child wakes up and runs downstairs, they tear the paper off at Mach-speed and you see their little face widen with the biggest grin they’ve had all year. They scream and jump and give you a bear-hug. They beg and plead for you to open the box so they can ride their brand new Strider Bike. A twinge of disappointment crosses their face when they realize that the bike is actually in 3 large pieces but they quickly recover when you assure them you can put it together.

You get to work when suddenly it’s an hour later and you’re still trying to figure out what you’re missing, what step you mistook, why such a simple item isn’t going together like it should? Your child has since moved on to other toys after a meltdown of epic proportions because they couldn’t ride their bike “right now!” (Don’t worry, it won’t be like that hard, I’m just trying to prepare you for the potential worst-case-scenario).

We are right there with you! Not in that creepy-cute little elf on the shelf way but, we are just as excited for your child to get on their new Strider Bike!

We also want to ensure you success on Christmas morning, so we offer you this advice: build your Strider Bike now!

Okay not “right now,” but, maybe tonight, when the kids are asleep.

At Strider, we encourage all of our Strider Elves to put the bikes together long before the big reveal (Christmas presents, birthday presents or just because they are a cool kid presents) to ensure that the bikes are ready to ride when their new owners first lay eyes on their new wheels.Putting the Strider Bike together is so easy anyone can do it in under 5 minutes!

We’ve created these simple videos to help guide you through the process:

Odds are, you won’t need our help at all but if you do have any issues at all we are only a phone call away and our awesome customer service team can help steer you in the right direction.

Live Chat www.striderbikes.com

Email customerservice@striderbikes.com 

Call Us 605-342-0266



When you’re finished putting the bike together you’ll want to adjust it to the estimated fit of your child to ensure instant-riding-satisfaction. The best way to do this, without letting your child know that they are getting a Strider for Christmas, is to take a pair of pants that fit them well and hold them so that they hang just off the ground. Adjust the saddle to meet the inseam of the pants. Once you’ve adjusted the seat accordingly move the handlebars approximately the same amount that you did the seat.

Another added benefit of having a perfectly put together and fitted Strider before Christmas is that there’s no delay in bike riding time! No one is anxiously watching over your shoulder or worse, trying to play with the bike while you build it. Little Suzy or Johny can go straight from sitting by the fireplace to striding around the Christmas tree!

Assembling and fitting your Strider Bike now not only ensures that the bike is in perfect working condition, but it has the huge added benefit of allowing you just a little more sleep on Christmas Eve. With your extra time, you could take our advice to the next level and put all the toys together! Maybe not the Lego sets though.


If you’re worried that wrapping an assembled bike is more difficult than wrapping a bike in a box, we have plenty of ideas for you:

  • Place a wrapped box on top of the bike 
  • Put the bike in a large fabric bag tied with ribbon at the top 
  • Wrap it to look just like a bike
  • Put it out with only a bow
  • Decide not to wait and give them the bike right away.



RS17817 1209 StriderChristmas 4 scr

Happy STRIDERday: Get Back Up When You Fall

Here’s a little inspiration for your Saturday. If you fall down, make sure that you’ve got friends around to help pick you back on track!

We hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend.

Stride On!

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