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Who are they becoming?

Becoming KIND One Small Stride at a Time

It’s been almost two years since the world changed. Kids have been in and out of school or daycare for months on end. Pools were closed. Travel plans were halted. And the cancellation of fairs and festivals left a void that smelled of kettle corn and sunscreen. The situation is less than ideal. However, the world is finally finding its stride again and one lesson we’ve learned over the past few years is that the worst of times brings out the best in people! Our little Strider riders are no exception.

We know that learning to ride isn’t JUST about the end goal of pedaling, but about everything children gain in the process. From the moment your baby sits on a Strider seat, they are gaining strength and confidence. They experience failure and success. They are becoming determined. They get discouraged by fear and learn to overcome it. They are becoming brave. They learn the thrill of taking risks and the wisdom in slowing down. They are becoming balanced. Riding a bike allows them to make a connection with others, nature, and themselves. They are becoming kind. These skills and character traits spill into the rest of their life as they continue to grow and have new experiences.

Whether it is giving someone a hug, delivering meals to people in need, or sending letters to those in isolation, we have seen so many examples of how the world is becoming KIND. If we pay close attention, children are often the instigators of small, random acts of kindness. We see Strider riders all the time giving high fives, helping each other up hills, and taking breaks to sit together and share snacks. At Strider, we want to keep that kindness momentum going, both on and off the bike. So, share a snack with a friend, give the person you love a hug for no reason, plant a tree, or shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk when it snows. The world, right now, is depending on all of us to become the best we can be.