Boulder Civic Arena

Boulder, CO


We had an INCREDIBLE time at the second race of the 2019 Strider Cup season in Boulder, CO. What an amazing day for racing, making new friends, and having fun! The Boulder Civic area was overflowing with tykes putting their two-wheeled prowess to the test. The blur of Strider riders zipped through, and around various obstacles on Saturday with over 250 registered racers. It was pretty much the cutest thing to happen in Boulder over the weekend. Just sayin’. Of course, we couldn’t do these events without your support, and we’re extremely grateful. So, a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out!!! We hope you have a wonderful time! Seeing all those happy, smiling faces riding their hearts out is just a small part of why we do this. New Strider champions were crowned in the 2-and-under, 3-, and 4-year-old classes. A big THANK YOU goes out to the Boulder Civic Area and the City of Boulder for giving everyone a day of riding, racing, and making new friends!

Our next stop is Minneapolis, MN on July 6th! Also, don’t forget that everyone who participated is welcome to attend the Strider Cup World Championship in Charlotte, NC October 5th and 6th!

Boulder Strider Cup Race Results

2 & Under Class
Total Riders: 98
1 #105 – Oliver Green
2 #107 – Graham Worm
3 #127 – Julien Siegel
4 #181 – Edwin Meyer
5 #146 – Charlie Malloy
6 #110 – Levi Hutchinson
7 #151 – Hayden Blake
8 #121 – Easton Foster
9 #116 – Byron Jacobsen
10 #189 – John Frey
11 #145 – Rhett Mills
12 #143 – Brooke Bradshaw
13 #122 – Eyden Anguiano
14 #114 – Jase Bonn
15 #141 – Axel Showers
3 Year Old Class
Total Riders: 87
1 #107 – Hudson Holbrook
2 #154 – Sosuke Nakamura
3 #129 – Lucca Delabre
4 #156 – Elly Whelan
5 #120 – Beckett Cooper
6 #177 – Brody Ciptak
7 #151 – David Sarabia
8 #125 – James Cooper
9 #134 – Bohdi Lee
10 #127 – Mason Hastings
11 #172 – David Vafin
12 #112 – Mae Gist
13 #158 – Cruz Duckett
4 Year Old Class
Total Riders: 62
1 #129 – Jackson Vandeventer
2 #102 – Huxley Fair
3 #134 – Max Carney
4 #133 – Devin Bejarano
5 #124 – Ashton Padilla
6 #132 – Noah Buresh
7 #113 – Davis Busey
8 #119 – Rayden Hurlie
9 #146 – Peter Joseph
10 #116 – Evan Irons
11 #106 – Daisy Noyola
12 #117 – Summit Hoskins
13 #103 – Miles Worm
14x Class
Total Riders: 29
1 #101 – Jared Creaser
2 #124 – Jackson Vandeventor
3 #113 – Warren Bugden
4 #121 – Finnley Raymond
5 #106 – Adalynn Holbrook
6 #117 – Maddox Miller
7 #114 – Ben Barnard
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Where’s the fun without a little friendly competition?! Strider Racing Events are designed to provide just that. Our races offer a safe, fun, and slightly competitive atmosphere where children can show off their Strider skills in front of a cheering crowd supportive of all riders. Not only do these races put the abilities of young riders to the test, they introduce the competitive spirit to a new generation, which helps build confidence and lays the foundation for good sportsmanship.

Don't miss the 2019 Strider Cup World Championship in Charlotte on October 4th & 5th!

The Strider Cup World Championship event brings together Strider riders and their families from all over the globe for the pinnacle Strider racing event. Whether your toddler is an experienced Strider Cup racer or just starting out, the Strider Cup World Championship weekend is an international celebration that includes racing and a variety of activities, games, music, and excursions, all set in exciting Charlotte, North Carolina.

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