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New Disc Wheel Covers Make Personalization a Breeze

Decorated Strider Disc Wheel Covers can make your child’s wheels as unique as they are.

It’s true. The 12” Disc Wheel Covers are pretty dang legit. They’re one of Strider’s newest accessories and definitely increase the overall “cool” factor of a Strider 12” Bike.

But let’s be real, polished black isn’t for everyone. In fact, most kiddos have a mind of their own and will want to decorate the heck out of those discs! They’re like a blank canvas just waiting to be painted, drawn on, or dare we even say …. bedazzled.

Your child is a mini-Picasso. So, grab some supplies and let their creative minds run wild. If you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started.

Strider Disc Wheel Cover decorated with stickers


Stickers reflect who we are and are one of the best tools for a DIY craft! They can also be removed as your child’s interests change.

Paint Markers

Painting encourages creativity and imaginative thinking. Give your kids a few paint markers and let them go to town on the discs!

Strider Disc Wheel Cover decorated with paint markers
Strider Disc Wheel Cover decorated with permanent marker


Almost everyone has a permanent marker or two lying around somewhere, grab a couple and draw some cool patterns or pictures on the wheels. It will look epic when they spin.

Not only will decorating the disc wheel covers be an awesome bonding activity, but their bike will have a “personal touch” once it’s all done. Your child is one-of-a-kind so make their wheels just as unique and special as they are!

Be sure to tag @striderbikes on social media so we can see those sick wheels!