There’s a big, beautiful world out there.

When you get your little bean their very first Strider Bike, they’ll find their place in it!

The Strider community stretches far and wide across the entire globe. The passion for riding and life on two wheels is much bigger than just our neighborhoods and cities, and it is exploding into the very far reaches of people and places all over the world.

Yep, that tiny little Strider Bike opens a whole, gigantic world.

United Kingdom

Some clubs have a secret handshake or password - our club has a Strider Bike, and a spirit of adventure. There is nothing better than connecting with others (all over the world!) who share your same fervor for two wheels and togetherness. That’s exactly what Strider does.

When you spot another Strider rider, give them a wave, a smile, and a knowing nod – you are practically already best friends. You are part of a growing community, connecting, and changing the world, one Strider Bike at a time.

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Let your little renegade show off their skills and inspire others to ride!


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