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2018 Strider Rider Customs

2018 Strider Rider Customs

Top Motorcycle Builders Customized 7 Strider Bikes for The Flying Piston Organization.

Brace Yourself for Some Serious Eye Candy.

Resized 2018 Custom Strider Bikes Poster 081418 revised Copy


Customized by top motorcycle builders and coordinated by Marilyn Stemp of The Flying Piston organization, these 7 Strider Bikes became works of art, inspiring the next generation of riders while transporting current motorcyclists back to their childhood memories of falling in love with two wheels. 

The collection resides with The Flying Piston organization and is featured at the legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, SD. The custom Strider Bikes will also tour across the US at multiple events and shows where they’ll be exhibited.


Bike builders interested in participating in the 2019 Strider Rider Customs program are encouraged to reach out to the Flying Piston’s Marilyn Stemp at marilyn@buffalochip.com



Rick Fairless | Strokers Dallas

RS39940 IMG 7027 scr


RS39945 IMG 7032 scr

RS39942 IMG 7029 scr

RS39946 IMG 7033 scr

RS39943 IMG 7030 scr

RS39938 IMG 7025 scr

RS39941 IMG 7028 scr




Jody Perewitz | Perewitz Cycle Fab


RS39920 IMG 7005 scr

RS39921 IMG 7006 scr




Kirk Taylor | Custom Design Studios

 RS39927 IMG 7013 scr

RS39925 IMG 7011 scr




Pat Patterson | Led Sled

RS39916 IMG 7001 scr

RS39914 IMG 6998 scr

RS39917 IMG 7002 scr



Bryan Fuller | Fuller Moto

Bryan Fuller

RS39931 IMG 7017 scr

RS39932 IMG 7018 scr

RS39934 IMG 7020 scr

RS39933 IMG 7019 scr



Paul Yaffe | Bagger Nation

RS39956 IMG 7044 scr

RS39952 IMG 7040 scr

RS39955 IMG 7043 scr

RS39954 IMG 7042 scr



Motorcycle Missions | www.Motorcycle-Missions.org

RS39909 IMG 6993 scr

RS39911 IMG 6995 scr

RS39910 IMG 6994 scr





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