In The News / May 14, 2019

Balance Bikes Can Help Your Students Grow and Succeed


Strider Bikes in PE classYou obviously love kids. Every day parents walk through your front door, drop off their entire world, and entrust you with their safety and development. No pressure! You are truly a superhero. It just so happens, we love kids too. We aren’t just any ol’ bike company; our goal is helping children thrive. The Strider Bike isn’t just any ol’ bike; it is how we accomplish that goal. It seems like we have a lot in common. Let’s chat more about how the Strider Bike can specifically benefit the little love bugs in your care.

Developmental Milestones

All Kids Bike CampaignStrider Bikes are one of the best tools for helping develop gross motor skills. Kids as young as eighteen months will learn whole-body movements without frustration. With no pedals to smack legs or fuss with, their progression will start with simply walking the bike to sitting on the seat, taking longer strides, and eventually, balancing with both feet off the ground. It is a simple and natural process.

While kiddos are cruising around having a blast, they aren’t thinking about how important balance and coordination are for self-regulation, developing body awareness, building core strength, augmenting spatial intelligence, or establishing a foundation for future development of fine motor skills – but you are. The fact that they are also burning off some of that bountiful toddler energy is just the icing on the cake.

Balance Bikes in KindergartenThe benefits aren’t purely physical either. Strider Bikes encourage social and emotional development as well. Children can learn to play independently. They can explore and play creatively. On the flip side, they can also engage and interact with others while riding, navigating obstacles, playing games, and practicing taking turns.

The little tykes just think they are out there having fun, but you know they are doing so much more, and so do their parents.

Builds Confidence & Independence

Strider Bikes meet children where they are developmentally. They are light and easy to move around so children can better control how fast or slow they want to go, and with feet on the ground, they have complete control over how and when to stop the bike. Most toddlers don’t use words like “accomplishment,” “independent,” or “confident.” They don’t have to; it is written all over their faces.

Riding bikes is a lifelong journey. It isn’t just about learning new skills but becoming comfortable with exploring and navigating new challenges. A bike teaches them what they are capable of. Strider Bikes give children direct and persistent experiences that build confidence and independence every time they hop on. That will positively impact who they become and how they show up in the world.  And, honestly, what greater gift could you offer these little human beings?

Economic Impact

All Kids BikeAs if the developmental and emotional benefits of Strider Bikes aren’t enough on their own, there are plenty of practical reasons they make sense for you as a caretaker. They are safe. Without pedals, your little munchkins can safely use their feet to navigate obstacles and stop quickly. Strider Bikes are accessible to a wide range of ages without the worry of their individual bike skills. There is less chance of losing control of the bike, crashes, or injury. They’re also lightweight, probably a good two times lighter than most pedal bikes with training wheels. Don’t let those kids fool you; they are totally capable of putting the bikes away on their own! With a simple design, there won’t be complicated repairs or rusted chains to replace. The 12” Sport is easily adjustable. You can adjust both handlebar and seat height with a simple quick-release, to accommodate even the shortest of legs. No tools necessary.

You likely invest a lot in toys and materials, Strider Bikes can withstand a good toddler beating and will be around for a long time. Plus, did we mention? They are fun! Really, really fun!

At the end of the day, when the goldfish cracker crumbs are swept up, and boogers scraped off tabletops, we hope you take a moment to feel proud of a job well done. And, the next morning, when all the kiddos come storming back in, you’ll be ready for another day of tending their little hearts. You are a superhero! Trust us; you don’t hear that enough. We feel honored to help support you in what you do.  

BY Matt Bitz