In The News / April 28, 2017

SLC Museum Features Strider Adventure Zone


To encourage younger children to ride on two wheels, Discovery Gateway: The Children’s Museum of Utah, set up a Strider Adventure Zone in conjunction with their new SkyCycle exhibit. Stop by and check out their fun activities if you’re in the Salt Lake City area this year, perhaps during the Strider Cup World Championship July 21-22.

Strider caught up with the museum’s Marketing Coordinator, Kristin Jahne, to find out why they decided to incorporate the Strider Adventure Zone with the exhibit, and how everything went on the SkyCycle’s opening day.

How did you first learn about Strider Balance Bikes?SLC Disc Mus.Adv Zone.4

Our marketing team saw a Strider Adventure Zone course at a local farmer’s market a year before bringing them to our museum. We were so impressed at how organized the set up was, and how much fun the children were having! When planning our opening event for a bicycle related exhibit, we decided that a Strider Adventure Zone seemed like a natural fit for the younger children. We contacted their headquarters and had everything arranged quickly. They were awesome to work with!

Why did you decide to add the Strider Adventure Zone to the museum?

Our museum caters to a wide age range of children, from infants to pre-teens. It’s important to make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to learn from activities and exhibits specifically for their age group. For our opening event on April 22, we had plenty for the older kids and parents. Strider Adventure Zone was the perfect complement to the event, since it is geared for kids age 18 months to 5 years old!

Have you had any other cycling-related exhibits for kids in the past?

On April 22, we opened our newest exhibit, the SkyCycle. Suspended 15 feet in the air, the SkyCycle takes physics learning to new heights. Riders explore principles of counterbalance and center of gravity while taking a thrilling ride on a 30-foot track. This exhibit is aimed to older kids who meet the height requirement of 48” tall. However, we’re very thankful to have the Strider Bikes to provide for our younger crowd and teach them these same physics principles from an early age.

What do you like most about the Strider Bikes?

The Strider Bikes were incredibly easy to assemble; it took one of our team members less than a half hour to assemble six bikes! We also appreciated how secure they were once assembled. Other children bikes have the tendency to be flimsy and unstable, but Strider Bikes are durable, light-weight and functional. Cannot recommend them enough!

How did children like riding the Strider Bikes?

We had overwhelmingly positive feedback at our Adventure Zone! The parents were so thankful there was an activity for the smaller, younger children and the kids had a blast! We set cones in the center of our course so siblings could race without risk of bumping into each other. That was very successful, and riders got a lot of encouragement from parents! Plus, our staff loved teaching bicycle safety to the little kids.  The photos we took were adorable.

Do you plan to use the Strider Adventure Zone in other ways?

We have so many ideas of how to incorporate Strider Bikes and the Adventure Zone in our museum that we hardly know where to start! Our first move is to put some Strider Bikes in our Move It! exhibit, an area focused on incorporating physical activity and fun through movement and play. We also plan on bringing back the Adventure Zone for our Children’s Festival Fundraiser in June.

BY Strider Rider