Boy on orange Strider bike inside with yellow cones
Parents are Talking / April 13, 2020



Here you are, cooped inside with a toddler who has boundless energy. Your best shot at getting them to bed early – so that you can have a moment to yourself – is to try to get your kid to burn off some of that liveliness. We want that for you! Maybe this will help. Build an indoor Strider obstacle course, and make your little fireball do laps, lots of them, for as long as possible. It can be elaborate or quite simple. Here are some ideas for Strider Bike obstacles to raise the fun level and, eventually, drop the energy level.

Masking Tape Track

Use masking tape to lay down a track for your toddler to follow. You can use it on hard floors or carpet. Make a single track to practice balancing and steering, or place two strips to create a path to follow. If possible, make the track go from room to room and add turns and zigzags to make the most of small spaces.

Couch Cushion Ramps or Tunnels

Remember when you wouldn’t let your kids eat or jump on the couch? Well, now we are in survival mode. Rip off those couch cushions to create a ramp to ride up and over. Or, place cushions or a blanket on top of chairs to create a tunnel to ride through. Your couch may never be the same, but your kids will love it!

Little boy wearing underwear on his blue Strider Bike inside
little girl on pink Strider Bike in a diaper wearing a helmet

Swim Noodle Logs

Those long, foam swim noodles may not get much use at the public pool this summer, but they can create some Strider Bike obstacle course fun. Tape them down, horizontally, with masking tape to the floor. Group or spread them apart and have kids ride up and over like they would a small log or stick on a bike path.

Floor is Lava

Get red construction paper and explain that each piece is hot lava. Place several pieces throughout the kitchen or living room. As the kiddo rides their Strider Bike through, they must avoid being sucked into the volcano by the hot lava paper pieces.

Stair Climbs

Do you have any stairs inside your house or outside off of a porch? Utilize them! Make sure the obstacle course goes down or up the stairs – DO NOT have your kid ride them – have them get off their bike and carry it. Make sure to stay close in case they need a spot or help with the bike. Anyone who has ever gone mountain biking knows, pushing or walking your bike is part of the sport. This will give your toddler plenty of good practice.

We are all doing our best with what we have right now. Some days planned activities go great, other days they don’t. Be kind to yourself as a parent. If you tried an obstacle course at your house, we’d love to see it! Share on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram or Twitter @stiderbikes, or use #StrideOn. We can’t wait to see how it goes.


little boy on blue Strider bike in diaper sleeping on couch

With any luck, after a few rides through the Strider Obstacle Course, you might just get a few moments of quiet.

BY Emily Brown