Parents are Talking / May 13, 2019

Kids Don’t Know How to Ride a Bike Anymore


There are tons of valid reasons your kiddo doesn’t ride a bike. We get it! Life is crazy busy, and you have a lot on your plate. Traditionally, learning to ride a bike has been hard and teaching even harder. Who wants to spend the weekend fighting to get their kid on a bike? It turns out, not many. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, in the last ten years, there’s been a 35% drop in kids riding bikes for fun. Bikes ARE fun, and when kids aren’t riding, they are missing out.

Boy and Girl on Strider SportLuckily, Strider has invented and perfected the most simple, effective, and wicked cool ways to get your kids on a bike. There is a complete progression that takes your kid from drooling on themselves to drooling over their bike before they are out of diapers (sorry, we can’t help with potty training though). Let’s take a look at some of the obstacles you face as a parent when it comes to getting your kiddo started on a bike and ways to alleviate the stress. 

Obstacle: You don’t have time! 

Girl on green Strider Sport

Strider Solution: Of course, you don’t have an entire weekend to dedicate to coaxing your child onto a bike. That’s a lot of pressure. Plus, you don’t have that kind of patience; you’re not a saint! Strider Bikes take the work out of it, we promise! You can start them early. It’s as easy as handing them the bike and letting them get on and walk around. The rest comes totally naturally. Plus, we offer a Learn-To-Ride Guide that breaks down every progression. It’s easy, and you’ll still have plenty of time to get all your laundry done (we know how most weekends go).

Obstacle: You are not sure where to start or how to teach. 

Brothers on Strider 14x SportStrider Solution: First step, ditch the training wheels! By ditch, we mean destroy (or just throw them in the trash). They are making this bike riding thing WAY TOO HARD. Isn’t the point to have fun? The second step, choose an age-appropriate Strider and download the Learn-to-Ride Guide. We’ll tell you everything you need to know (and that’s not much). Honestly, your kiddo will likely teach themselves.

Obstacle: You live in a place without easy access to outdoor spaces.

Kid going off ramp on Strider SportStrider Solution:  Typical children’s bikes are clunky and heavy with awkward training wheels. Strider Bikes are made to be light and portable enough that even your barely walking toddler can maneuver with ease. Take that thing with you everywhere you want your little bean to keep up with you – the grocery store, furniture shopping, or mall walking. Heck, let them ride in the living room or basement. Now, if we could only figure out how they could bring their bike on a long flight.

Obstacle: You are worried about your child’s safety. Either traffic concerns or hard tumbles on the cement.

Strider Solution: As for traffic concerns, refer to the solution above. It’s worth saying again; these bikes can go almost anywhere. And, when it comes to tumbles and crashes, sure, accidents happen. You can start on the grass or carpet until you are both more confident. Make sure your kiddo always wears a helmet. For extra protection, check out our elbow and knee pads and riding gloves.

Obstacle: Your child prefers a scooter.

Strider Solution: Kids love scooters, and we don’t blame them. Especially the ones with the jet pack (those are real, right?). Both kids and parents tend to gravitate towards the scooter because they are perceived to be easier to learn and give immediate freedom. Don’t be fooled. In the long run, scooters won’t get kids as far or offer lifelong opportunities for riding. And, as you know by now, Striders are easy. Kids master the art of striding, then pedaling, practically without trying.

Brother and Sister on Strider 14x SportIt’s not too often that obstacles are this easy to overcome. You do a lot of hard things every day. There’s no need to make getting your kid on a bike one of those. Start with the Rocking Base. Your baby can literally start as soon as they sit up. Then, when your little love bug starts walking, pop the bike off the base, and, walla, you have yourself a 12” balance bike. It’s the awesome-sauce! The grand finale is the 14x. It starts as a balance bike and can magically transform into a pedal bike with the Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kit. If your kid is already out of diapers (congratulations!), or maybe even in grade school and hasn’t ridden a bike, no sweat, there’s no better time to start than now. Go easy on yourself. Get a Strider, get your kiddo rolling, and prepare yourself for a huge spike in family fun. At this rate, the next ten years will bring a 100% decrease in frustration with getting kids on bikes.

BY Matt Bitz