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Racers from Asia, Europe, and North America Win at the 2019 Strider Cup World Championship


Racers from Asia, Europe, and North America Win at the 2019 Strider Cup World Championship®

 Two-year-old racers line up at the start gate ahead of their Strider Bike race.

Charlotte, NC, Oct 9, 2019– Racers as young as 2-years-old sprinted and glided their way to balance bike glory at the Strider Cup World Championship in Charlotte, NC. The October 5th competition was the culmination of the 2019 Strider Bike racing season; which has included Strider Cup races in the USA, Russia, China, Chile, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, and other nations. Next year’s Strider Cup World Championship will take place in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.   

This year’s World Championship included racers from 12 countries and 29 states. In the two-year-old class, Rinnosuke Tano from Japan took first place, while Raif Ali of Texas and Carson Zink of Pennsylvania won second and third, respectively. Japanese racers Maki Koda, Raiku Kaji, and Haruto Kuroda swept the three-year-old category. In the four-year-old championship heat, Chinese racer Yuzheng Wei won first place with Japanese racers Keita Suzuki and Ichinoshin Tano taking second and third place trophies. Rhode Islander, Kevin Huang was a close fourth place in the competitive final heat.  

The 14x race category is open to all racers 6-year-old and younger. Cohen Jagielski and Jacob Jamison of Great Britain won first and second place, while 4-year-old class winner, Ichinoshin Tano of Japan, raced again, winning the third place trophy.  

The Strider Cup World Championship is a chance for children to meet and compete with peers who may not speak the same language, and may not be potty trained, but share a love of riding Strider Bikes. The global aspect of the World Championship is a highlight for Strider Bikes CEO, Ryan McFarland, “The amazing part is that there are different languages being spoken; yet the kids seem to be communicating just fine and are having a great time.” 

Strider Cup races were created to give 2- to 6-year-olds the chance to test their newfound balance bike skills on the racetrack. Children of all skill levels are welcome to participate. Racing tactics typically vary, with some children sprinting out of the start gate, while other toddlers take their time curiously wandering the track. 

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Racers weave their way through the noodle monster and over mount scary at the 2019 Strider Cup World Championship

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