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Strider Introduces the 20x Sport, the Ultimate Learn-to-Ride Tool for Adults

“Crazy amount of adjustability” is just one of the many cool features of the new Strider 20x Sport, a learn-to-ride tool for everyone.
A rider pedaling the Strider 20x Sport, a 20" all-in-one balance and pedal bike

Remember those sunny childhood days spent flying around on two wheels with your neighborhood besties? Riding a bike for the first time is a feeling that many will never forget. It’s a life-changing, magical, and revolutionary skill that belongs to everyone.

However, many people will never learn to ride a bike for a plethora of reasons. We hear it all the time that people with cognitive, developmental, or physical disabilities are told that they probably won’t ever be able to ride a bicycle. For others, they didn’t learn to ride a bike as a child, and now the thought of balancing on two wheels seems more difficult and intimidating than summiting Mount Everest.

Whatever the reason, the thought of anyone not knowing how to ride a bike is a “Greek tragedy,” which is why we took matters into our own hands.

Cue the 20x Sport.

A view of a rider and the stride-around pedals on the Strider 20x Sport, a 20" all-in-one balance and pedal bike

The 20x Sport is an inclusive, pedal conversion bike and the perfect learn-to-ride tool for ages 8 through adulthood. The Strider scientists have gone above and beyond once again, by making a bigger bike for people who might need some extra help. This is a great tool for anyone who is learning to ride a bike.

“Crazy amount of adjustability” is just one of the many cool features of the 20x Sport. The higher range of handlebar and stem adjustability serves a wide variety of ages. This one-of-a-kind bike is easy to transport and a FRACTION of the cost of an adaptive adult tricycle, making the 20x Sport a quality investment. It was designed with a low stand-over height, giving it a low center of gravity, making it ultra-stable to teach balance first. The bike is also equipped with dual drum handbrakes and a kickstand.

A 4-bolt Pedal Kit (sold separately) can be attached to the 20x Sport once the rider is proficient in balancing. The relaxed geometry provides comfort to stride and then place the feet up to pedal with ease.

“The 20x Sport models after our 14x which is a balance bike that can morph into a pedal bike,” said Fabrication Specialist, Charlie Brumbaugh. “There isn’t another bike like it on the market.”

All the techie mumbo-jumbo aside, the 20x Sport is something extremely special. It gives people the opportunity to learn to ride, lets them feel the freedom and thrill of being on two wheels, and propels their confidence to new heights. Learn more about the 20x Sport HERE.