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Kids Grow Fast!
Preserve the Memories

At some point, every new parent has hobbled down a shopping aisle, delirious from sleep deprivation, shirt stained with spit-up and mushed peas, half-heartedly trying to comfort their screaming baby while simultaneously checking their shopping list, when a complete stranger stops them and says something like, “enjoy them while they’re young, time flies.”

In that particular moment, you probably had a hard time believing that one day your crying baby was going to learn to ride a balance bike, then a pedal bike, and eventually get behind the wheel of a car and drive off into the big, wide world.

There are so many “firsts” to witness as a parent, from first words to the first day of kindergarten. One of childhood’s most momentous firsts is the FIRST BIKE. A bike marks the beginning of countless lasting childhood memories made. There will be first scrapes and bumps, first strides, first failures and successes, and their first taste of freedom as they start to sail through park paths and neighborhoods. There will be first attempts at balancing with no feet and riding off jumps. There will be rides with siblings and parents, new places explored, and pit stops to collect rocks, flowers, and bugs. There will be lots of laughs and giggles, as well as break downs and temper tantrums. The memories collected on those two wheels are too many to count, and time WILL fly, and their adoring toddler eyes and wide smiles will soon turn to teenage eye rolls and slammed doors.

At Strider, we know riding a bike is a paramount part of childhood and is instrumental in building confidence, determination, and courage.

Children bond with their first bike in a way that is unique to them. Each scratch, ding, and scrape has a story to tell. The Memory Mount was created as a way to help keep those stories alive. Instead of passing your child’s first bike down, you can proudly have it “retired” and let it display all the milestones reached. What kid wouldn’t love retelling the legendary tales of the nicks, dents, thumps, and feats their bike has had? The Memory Mount not only displays their first Strider Bike but organizes mementos and keepsakes. From medals earned to souvenirs from adventures had, you have it all together to help keep those memories fresh in your mind for years to come. Whether your little one is ACTUALLY little and just learning to stride or has grown out of their first Strider Bike, it’s never too early or too late to appreciate, savor, and preserve the moments from these darling early years. Hang their well-loved bike in the playroom, garage, or bedroom and let it be a reminder of how far your kiddo and you have come.

Infographic describing how the Memory Mount helps preserve those precious memories from your child's 12 inch Strider Bike