Reviews / June 13, 2011

Crazy 27 Month Old


We always love hearing from happy Strider riders and their parents.  We get a lot of messages in our email, but not many catch our attention like this one from Jill.  The subject line in this particular email was “Crazy 27 month old” and it came into the “Customer Needs Help” in-box!

“We have a crazy 27 month old that has been riding your bike for about 1 month.  I thought I would send a video of him. We live in the mountains of Colorado in a Ski Resort town and this child is literally all over the side walks, trails and dirt paths. Please let us know if we should be doing something to stop him. He goes on curbs and off. He isn’t even potty trained and is riding this bike up trails that I’m scared to go down. We love the bike and “Zabel” is getting a lot of attention on it.”  – Jill (Zabel’s Mom)

Make sure to keep his helmet on!  It looks like in a few years when he’s on a pedal bike you won’t have any chance of keeping up with him on the street or mountain bike trails!

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