Reviews / June 29, 2011

Strider Twins!


Q: What is cuter than a child on a Strider?     A: Twins riding their Striders!

We found this great review from a Mother of twins.  Have you had similar experiences to Dolly?

“I bought two strider balance bikes for my boy/girl twins for their birthday. They loved them and it was great that they were able to hop right on and use them right away. It was nice that there was no frustration on getting them to work like they have had in the past with their tricycle. We had their birthday party at a park and the twins were able to ride their bikes all over the playground and park. They have progressed just like the toddlers in the online videos and within a week were balancing. I got the pink and green bikes and both are adorable. I decided to go with the Strider balance bike because it has one of the lowest seat settings.”    ~Dolly

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