STRIDER Tech / June 28, 2011

Strider Physics Department



If you understand that formula you can quit reading now…If you looked at that formula and scratched your head like we did then keep reading!

There is an old maxim in the biking world; “A pound off the wheels = 2 pounds off the frame”. This is due in large part to the rotational weight of the tires and wheels and is especially important for the littlest riders. Weighing in at 1 lb 14.7 ounces for the pair, the Strider Ultralight wheels with durable EVA Poylmer tires on a Strider are the perfect combination of light weight, no hassle and long lasting.

When the EVA Polymer and plastic wheel is swapped out for metal rims and pneumatic tires the weight gain is almost double. This makes it harder to start and stop. The philosophy at Strider, since the beginning, has been to get the bike down to bare bones! Focus on balance and FUN! Older Strider riders will get used to the weight difference and will love having knobby tires, but for the littlest Strider rider EVA is the way to go!

What Fog? We didn't even notice! Off-roading on EVA!

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