Special Needs / February 19, 2016

The Great Bike Giveaway 2016


, The Great Bike Giveaway 2016, Strider Balance Bikes

Once again, Strider is proud to be a part of the Friendship Circle of Michigan’s Great Bike Giveaway! Last year, with the help of generous donors like you, the giveaway awarded 17 Strider Bikes and several other adaptive bikes to children with special needs.

This year it’s going to be even better!

, The Great Bike Giveaway 2016, Strider Balance Bikes

In March of 2016 the Great Bike Giveaway is hoping to give a bike to every contestant that enters!

Yes, you read that right… so now’s your chance to spread the word!
The process is simple:

1.) Go to the Great Bike Giveaway Website to enter and for complete rules about the contest.
2.) The contest starts on February 29th The Great Bike Giveaway will cap the amount of entries at 600 children— so you must act fast!
3.) Snap a photo of your child with special needs (or tell a parent of a child you know to snap a photo) and share their story.
4.) You will need to enlist the help of 10 friends to help spread the word anyway they can, through email, word of mouth, and especially social media. The Great Bike Giveaway calls these your “ambassadors”.
5.) Once your ambassadors have signed up, you’re in! Each ambassador is encouraged to raise $100 by spreading the word and encouraging others to provide online donations.

So what are you waiting for? Get your team of ambassadors ready and rally for a bike for a child with special needs!

At Strider we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience life on two wheels!

, The Great Bike Giveaway 2016, Strider Balance Bikes 

Good luck and Stride on!

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