Our Passionate Staff / June 27, 2013

Staff Trail Ride


STRIDER Staff went for an outing in the beautiful Black Hills last weekend.  The trail was lush and winding, the creek was babbling,  and the poison ivy was very abundant. Thankfully we all walked away rash free. 

, Staff Trail Ride, Strider Balance Bikes

After the ride we were rewarded with some of the best burgers in the Midwest at the Sugar Shack. 

, Staff Trail Ride, Strider Balance Bikes

 I love that our office has truly transferred the passion of biking to our family members and some day, hopefully not too far in the future, our kids will be telling their kids not only stories like how they walked to school uphill both ways in a snowstorm with no shoes, but that there was this silly toy that kids used to play with called the tricycle, that has since been condemned to landfills and back yard sheds, where kids were constrained to sidewalks and had to go slow or they would tip right over, and their kids would laugh at how crazy that sounded and then they would all go out and ride the same trails that started it all.

, Staff Trail Ride, Strider Balance Bikes

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