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Strider Grads

Jesse McFarland

From small strides to full-send moments, Jesse McFarland’s passion for riding started on a Strider Bike.

Having grown up with a Strider Bike, Jesse McFarland was fortunate to not have struggled through the trials of using other learn-to-ride toys, such as training wheels and tricycles. Ryan McFarland, Jesse’s father, invented the Strider Bike in 2007 and by the age of 2, Jesse was striding like an old pro. Now, 13 years later, Jesse is an avid biker and has some pretty insane bike tricks up his sleeve. We had the opportunity to talk with Jesse about how learning to ride on a Strider Bike, turned him into the skilled and confident rider he is today.

Do you have any core memories from when you started riding the Strider Bike?

JM: I don’t remember much, but I do remember riding and setting up obstacle courses in the driveway with my dad and brother. I also remember competing in a Strider World Cup in Sarasota, Florida.

How has learning to ride on a Strider impacted your love of riding?

JM: Learning to ride on a Strider has jump started my progression and gave me a passion for riding at a young age.

What is your favorite trick/jump to do on a bike?

JM: My favorite trick to do on a bike would probably be a 360 x-up

What is your favorite place to ride and why?

JM: In my backyard, it has the biggest and best jumps that suite my riding style. I also love riding in my backyard because the things I build are creative and unique and allow me to expand my imagination when riding my bike.

How many bikes do you currently own?

JM: Currently I have 5 bikes and 1 dirt bike.

What is your favorite biking snack?

JM: Salty potato chips

Who are your favorite people to ride with?

JM: My brother and my friends

Would you rather ride solo or in a group?

JM: It always depends on the ride and what I’m trying to accomplish, but in general I would rather ride in a group.

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

JM: I would ride at Woodward West in California because they have different types of riding and opportunities for progression. For example, they have multiple skateparks, dirt jumps, mega ramps, airbags, foam pits, and more.

Why bike?

Bikes have no limitation on progression or creativity. Almost every single sport has boundaries, rules, and limited opportunities. I don’t need a team to ride my bike and my only opposition is my own skill. I can ride whenever I want and just about anywhere, I want. Biking never gets old and there is no limitation to how far you can push yourself. I am not limited by organized teams and leagues, and I can ride my bike for the rest of my life. With biking there is ultimate freedom, and nobody can put rules and limitations around what I can and cannot achieve on my bike.

What’s a piece of advice that you can offer to kid’s learning how to ride?

JM: It’s all about balance. When you’re getting started, don’t worry too much about pedaling or anything else. Focus on just lifting your feet up learning how to balance on 2 wheels.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or want me to know?

JM: Biking is the best.