Testimonials / April 12, 2011

Oskar: All Tuckered Out


Oskar is a 23 month old from Australia…Tasmania to be exact.  As you can tell by his outfit and KTM Strider, his parents are avid motorbikelysts.  In case you were wondering motorbikelyst is defined as somebody who rides pedal bikes and motorbikes.

Apparently sticking out of the tongue is universal toddler behaviour…According to his Mum, Oskar is a bit cheeky (I think cheeky is British for sassy).

Oskar is bright eyed, bushy tailed and a bit "cheeky"!

The photo below was taken after after riding his Strider (named PeeWee) for four and a half hours at an enduro-x motorbike race in Granville, Australia while watching his parents race.

“I just wanted to let you know that the Strider is the best toy that we have bought. Our son rides around the house, to the shops, at the skate park, takes it to the motorbike races, he loves it. It’s hard to get him off it!”  ~Tara (Oskar’s Mum)

Too Exhausted to Eat!

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