Testimonials / June 24, 2011

Strider: Enhancing Family Time since 2007!


We received a great testimonial this last week that we thought was worth sharing.  Striders were developed to teach balance to young kids to instill a lifelong love of everything two wheeled.  Some times Striders bring balance to life as well!  I’ll let the testimonial do the talking…

“I am a nature loving, adventure seeking mom and my husband is… not so much, but he does have a thrill for adrenaline. I have pushed, pulled and tugged my husband in every direction and just before giving up, I begged “the cosmos” to send me some way for us to share an active and healthy lifestyle. About a month ago I had the fortunate encounter of meeting a serious Strider family at my son’s school. A couple of weeks later, our sons were riding Strider Bikes together.

My husband now takes our boys on walks around our neighborhood or to the parks (with me or without me)! I am thrilled, a step in the right direction! Not only have these incredible little bikes opened the door for off road adventure to my little boys, but they are the missing link between a grease monkey dad and a granola crunching mom! My kids love their Strider Bikes and ride every day. My husband is finally inspired enough that he now has his own mountain bike and we’ve made some really great friends in the process!

I am so grateful for our Strider encounter on so many different levels. This is not only a great toy/tool for our children, but an investment towards a healthier lifestyle for the whole family.”    ~Jen

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BY Strider Rider