Strider PREbike Compared to Wooden Balance Bike

Glad the twins enjoy their Striders, very interesting comparison to the wooden balance bikes.

Let me just say the kids LOVE these bikes! We ordered our 2 year old twin boys a wooden run bike last year and they fit so poorly they could never use them, even after a year they were just too large and awkward. After awhile they were in fact scared to try. I was about to give up and thought they just didn’t like run bikes. But I saw a friend’s child whizzing around on one again and just had to try again. This time I did my research – I knew I needed a bike that was very adjustable, metal, affordable and light. Oh and FUN! Strider bikes fit that bill perfectly, I also loved that I could buy any extra parts cheap and that the bike would grow with them – not just in the seat but also the handle bars. Within 3 days of having a Strider bike they were building ramps with their Dad and zooming all over the place! I love how adjustable they are – great for my very short twins. We live on a dirt road on the edge of a mountain bike trail system. These bikes are the perfect thing for where we live. Pedaling a tricycle on grass and gravel just isn’t that exciting. The boys even take their bikes out on the trails with their Dad. It is just amazing! We are big fans. Customer service is wonderful too.

Thanks a bunch, Zoe Johnson

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