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Strider’s Social and Marketing Personal Release

Congratulations! Strider recently sought your permission to use certain photo, video and/or copy content (“Content”) that you posted on social media on Strider’s social media platforms, websites and marketing materials. Your content was just THAT epic! However, before we roll out the red carpet, we need you to agree to the following terms and conditions, which formally grants Strider permission to use the Content.

Now, buckle up for some release term action! Kindly consider the enclosed release terms and respond to Strider’s message using the hashtag #YesStrider. By replying with that magic hashtag, you are telling us you’re cool with our terms outlined below. If you’re scratching your head or need some clarity prior to accepting these terms, please reach out to the Strider representative with whom you’ve been corresponding. They’re itching to chat with you!

I hereby grant to Strider Sports International, Inc. and its affiliates and advertising partners, and Strider’s subsidiaries and successors (collectively “Strider’s”) permission to use the Content as well as my appearance, performance, name and/or voice contained in the Content on Strider’s social media, Strider’s website and Strider’s marketing materials including but not limited to online, in-store and printed marketing materials and advertising.

You agree that such permission granted in this release will be perpetual, worldwide and without financial compensation or royalties. While you will retain the copyright to the Content, you agree that Strider will own the copyright to its marketing materials, advertising and social media posts that may incorporate your Content. You acknowledge that Strider has no obligation to use your Content, but that if Strider does use this Content, Strider may edit, crop, color-correct or otherwise modify your Content or combine your Content with other content, such as text, graphics, artwork or other kinds of media content. You agree that Strider may use your Content in any manner or media whatsoever, known or unknown, for purposes of publicity, advertising and sales promotion of Strider products and/or services.

Finally, you represent and agree that you are the owner of the Content and have the right to grant Strider the permissions described above. If the Content includes individuals who are under the age of 18 years, you represent that you are the parent or legal guardian of such individuals and have the authority to grant permission to Strider on their behalf.