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Strider in South Africa!

Striders are being propelled by little legs all over the world! It is always fun to get notes from Strider dealers in parts of the world far away from Striderville. Some dealers have more hurdles to jump over than others…here’s a great story of last minute success in South Africa!

“It was a heroic effort but we pulled it off in the last hour despite so many hurdles. After discovering Friday (the 24th) afternoon that our lost 3 boxes containing two Striders and accessories were located and waiting for us at the post office, we rushed to book one of the last small booths for the large annual Harare fair on Sunday. Friday night was spent throwing together a video but the main workday was Saturday:  off to the fabric shop in the morning to get anything colorful to decorate the booth with.

Came back home ONLY to find out the electricity was switched off – a practice called “load shedding” by our government in efforts to save electricity. No power to work on rest of video or flyers, so got mom-in-law and my two girls together to help paint a plain white tablecloth into a ‘checker-flag’ style. The power FINALLY came back at 8PM!! Scrambled to finish the video and whipped together a flyer design and printed 500. Managed to print some Strider circle logos to pin around the fabric when…we ran out of printer ink at midnight. No time to design posters nor ink to print them, so we cut the boxes, edged them with black electrician’s tape and...instant posters!

Up at 6am Sunday to load the truck and get to fair to set up before gates opened to public at 9am. Had more challenges with the electricity: there was none supplied by the fair organizers so we got a friend to bring an invertor and car battery and Dave MacGyver’d some power up to the computer to play on 3 screens. Huge victory when it worked! This video was the crowd generator as soon as the music started pumping. Tons of people crowding around to view the Strider in action…our 2 girls were stars, handing out flyers to all the families walking by and roping them in to see the Strider up close.”

Share your Strider success stories, photos, video and interact with other Strider enthusiasts at our newest centralized social media outlet www.StriderLife.com! Join the Strider conversation on our Facebook wall!

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