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Education Center

There’s nothin’ better than learning how to ride a bike

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Welcome, parents!

Welcome to Team Strider! We’re so happy to take this journey with you and your child. StriderLife is awesome! Choose a guide below (Stride Guide for kids just learning to balance or Pedal guide if they are ready to take it to the next level) for a complete step by step process for teaching your child to ride! Watch this learn-to-pedal video.

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All Kids Bike
Learn-To-Ride Programs

All Kids Bike learn-to-ride programs provide you with all the training and resources needed to get more kids riding. Whether you want to host a class in daycare, team up with athletes with special needs, or get bikes in your school, we have the program for you!

Inclusive Learning

All Kids Bike Inclusive Learning

The All Kids Bike Inclusive Learning classes are typically taught in conjunction with Special Olympics programming or in an adaptive learn-to-ride setting.

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The Strider Education Inclusive Learning programs are designed for riders 6 years old to adults. The Riding Basics program teaches older children and/or individuals with disabilities the basic skills to learn to ride and the Racing Techniques program is designed for athletes riding in a team or competitive group setting.

The Strider Education Inclusive Learning classes are designed to be taught in 5 one-hour lessons with the suggestion of one lesson per week for 5 weeks. As an instructor (or coach), you will be opening up a new level of confidence and independence for individuals of all abilities. By providing riders with a balance bike along with training, you are paving the way for increased mobility and socialization.

  1. Register to become a certified All Kids Bike Instructor
  2. Take the online training courses
  3. Promote your class and gather registrations
  4. Purchase Strider Bikes for your class at a discounted rate
  5. Teach your class and send riders home with a Strider Bike and a lifelong love of riding!


  • Children line up on bikes ready to take part in the All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program
  • A boy lifts his feet and "glides" during the All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program
  • Kindergarteners on bikes weave through cones in a school gym
Kindergarten PE

All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program

The All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE Program is part of a global movement on a mission to teach every child how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class.

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All Kids Bike equips schools and organizations with everything they need to get kids rolling.

The Kindergarten PE Program provides an inclusive learn-to-ride opportunity packed with fun, gratification and success! Building upon a foundation of skills acquired in each lesson, students achieve milestones that guide them to the final goal of pedaling a bike independently. 

  1. School Administration approves implementing Kindergarten PE program.
  2. School applies for the program.
  3. Donor contributes funds or school fundraises independently.
  4. All Kids Bike team issues training tokens for teachers to complete training.
  5. All Kids Bike ships bikes and equipment to school and hundreds of kids learn to ride!

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