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Strider Events

Living life on two wheels is an opportunity we think every child should have, and Strider Events are a way for every kiddo to have the chance to experience biking! We have two different event categories, and we encourage everyone – regardless of their size and ability – to join us on these grand adventures.

Upcoming Events

The Kids Zone at the Progressive IMS Outdoors Tour
The Kids Zone with Strider will introduce two experiential courses geared toward riders ages 2 through 15 at each stop along the 2021 IMS Outdoors tour.
  • IMS Outdoors Logo - Southern California
    November 19-21 | Costa Mesa, CA

    IMS Outdoors – Southern California

  • Group of bicyclists with holiday-wear
    Dec. 4th, 2021 | Rapid City, SD

    Jingle Bell Ride

    Learn more about our event categories

    Strider Exploring

    Racing sure is fun, but so is exploring! Strider Exploring events do just that. These events encourage your little one to explore the world around them while building their riding skills and having fun. Are you ready for the best part? Strider Exploring events are only available to Strider riders and their families. That’s right; you’re part of an exclusive club that can have access to all of these amazing events. What are you waiting for? Join us on these grand adventures. We can’t wait to meet you!

    Think obstacle course, but fun…and on a bike. Strider Adventure Zones are safe and friendly environments that encourage kids of all abilities to test ride a Strider Bike and play with other kids. All while improving and developing their sweet bike-handling skills. Watch your child stride with confidence and pride over ramps, through tunnels with fog machines, the Noodle Monster, and SO MUCH MORE. Strider Adventure Zones are a fun and incredible way to introduce your child to Strider Bikes. They’re even great places for veteran Strider riders to perfect more advanced riding skills. No matter the skill. No matter the child. We just want kids to have fun. Strider Adventure Zones do just that while giving kiddos the chance to make new friends and create life-long memories.

    There’s always a new adventure around the corner. Strider Explore Rides are the perfect way for kiddos to experience new areas near your community while making friends and building riding skills. Strider Explore Rides are grassroots events that focus on local areas of interest. These could be rides through a favorite biking trail or areas that are community favorites. These areas might have some local historical or cultural relevance to your community, or they might just be cool areas where kids can learn something new…like touring a local museum. Strider Explore Rides give kiddos the opportunity to explore the world around them while building their riding skills and making new friends.

    Think about some of the most iconic places around the globe: Washington DC, Mount Rushmore, the Taj Mahal, Big Ben, the Great Wall, NASA. Strider Discovery Rides aren’t competitive races, but unforgettable rides where parents and their children can explore unique and inspiring venues. These events are exclusive to Strider riders and their families. And when we say exclusive, we mean it. They’re not open to the public, and the number of registrations can be limited. These high-profile rides give you and your children a chance to come together, share your passion with new friends, at a one-of-a-kind venue that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access!

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    Strider Racing

    What are Strider Racing events? Glad you asked. Think of the cutest thing you can imagine. Now, subtract the puppy. You should imagine a legion of righteous Strider riders lined up at the starting gate ready for a friendly race in front of their friends and family. Not only do these races allow riders to showcase their sweet riding skills, but they also help build the confidence that lays the foundation of good sportsmanship. And that…well, that lasts a lifetime.

    Strider Races are local races hosted by Strider enthusiasts at the grass stain grassroots level. These community-driven races give toddlers and young kids (ages 18 months to 6-years-old) the opportunity to explore the world on two wheels and participate in friendly, competitive riding. Know what else makes these events impressive? They allow Strider family members in the community to connect and share their passion for riding. Who knows, maybe the neighbor down the block is also a Strider rider!

    Ah, the Official Strider Cup® race series. It’s only our most favoritest time of year. We love putting on Strider Cup races and making new friends. These races give those tiny speedsters a chance to put their Strider Balance Bike skills to the test at several stops across the U.S. and worldwide. You won’t find anything like a good Strider Cup race anywhere else because Official Strider Cup races can only be put on by Strider franchisees. The Strider Cup race series caters directly to children 2—6 years old, who want to experience the thrill of racing. We encourage kiddos of all sizes and riding abilities to participate. Admission to the race is free for families and spectators; however, an entry fee for racers may apply.

    See what’s happening!

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    More kids on bikes, thanks to you!

    One percent of your purchase gives another kiddo the opportunity to learn to ride a bike through the Strider Rider Fund.

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