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Strider Events


With the circumstances in the world at this time, we were bummed to have to announce the cancellation of our Strider Cup Race in Los Angeles scheduled in August. We didn’t want to just walk away and wait until next year, so, instead, we will offer the crème de la crème of VIRTUAL Strider Events – and, you are invited!  JOIN US! – LEARN MORE



Did you know you’re an awesome parent? We know it. You’re awesome because you got your little booger butt a Strider. Now, they’re learning how to ride on two wheels, and their confidence is exploding. Seriously, they’ll probably be an astronaut…or president. Just sayin’.

You’re also part of an exclusive club – the Strider rider club. As a result, you get access to all the amazing Strider events happening around the globe. Even better? You and your kiddo have the chance to meet new people and make new friends with a community that shares a passion for riding and life on two wheels. It’s pretty awesome.

Living life on two wheels is an opportunity we think every child should have, and Strider Events are a way for every kiddo to have the chance to experience biking! We have two different event categories, and we encourage everyone – regardless of their size and ability – to join us on these grand adventures.

Strider Racing Events



When you think racing and competition, you typically don't think of a two-year-old racing on a balance bike. But, that's precisely what Strider Racing events are. Not only do these competitive races allow riders to showcase their sweet riding skills, but they also help build the confidence that lays the foundation of good sportsmanship. And that…well, that lasts a lifetime.


Strider Exploring Events



The world around us is SO COOL! There’s so much to explore and see. So much room for activities! Strider Exploring events encourage the legion of Strider riders to explore and discover the world around them. All while honing their sweet balance bike skills and maybe even learn some new tricks. These events encourage learning and trying new things, having fun, and (probably the best part) doing it all while riding on two-wheels.