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Celebrate World Strider Day with the Strider Rider 1 – Race Edition

To celebrate World Strider Day, Bode—the original Strider Rider—built this limited edition custom bike.
Bode McFarland poses with Strider Rider 1 - Race Edition balance bike in the Strider warehouse

Every year on May 9, World Strider Day celebrates the confidence and joy that riding a bike sparks in young children. The Founder of Strider Bikes, Ryan McFarland, created the first Strider Bike for his then-two-year old son, Bode. As Bode was the inspiration behind the Strider brand, it’s very fitting that World Strider Day is celebrated on his birthday! 

This year, Bode is turning 20 years old and has grown to be an extremely skilled and confident rider. His favorite trick is doing a whip and getting the back end out on a big floater. Bode believes that biking is the best sport because it’s fun, improves cardio-vascular fitness, boosts energy, builds muscle, and improves coordination. He thinks that challenging yourself to learn new things and the discipline you need in biking will transfer over to other aspects of life. 

To celebrate World Strider Day, Bode recently built the Strider Rider 1 – Race Edition. For this limited-edition custom-built Strider, Bode chose:

Celebrate World Strider Day and Bike Month in style with the limited edition Strider Rider 1 – Race Edition. Plus, save $200 while supplies last!

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Strider Rider 1 - Race Edition custom balance bike with carbon fiber wheels