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Luke’s Story

A few months after his birth, Luke had a disarticulation at the elbow due to pediatric cancer. Today, he’s getting ready to race with his Adaptive Strider.

Jordyn’s Story

“The picture doesn’t do justice to how excited she is!!! The sizing is PERFECT!!!” – Traci, Jordyn’s Mom

Caden’s Story

“Strider Bikes was amazing in helping us with the handlebars for our son who has right radial aplasia.” – Andrea, Caden’s Mom

Tabor’s Story

“I think it’s great for other kids to see that Tabor looks different, but hey, he can do the same things that they can do!”  Tara – Tabor’s Mom

Ryder’s Story

“Anything is possible.” That’s the family motto in the Morgan household.

Lincoln’s Story

“It is by far the best gift we’ve given him. Thank you for making the world a more accessible place.” – Amanda, Lincoln’s Mom

Hazel’s Story

“I can already see her getting much more confident. We’re so grateful for the help you’ve provided. Seeing Hazel get out on her bike is the best feeling!” – …